Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 9

Yes, I know, it's not Wednesday.  I have thoughts for things to write but never give myself the time and opportunity to get it down. 

I'm tired.  So tired.

Weight is about the same. It hasn't gone up, which is nice. But hasn't gone down.  Not surprising though.


Posting:  I have the intent and desire but it's still not happening.

Tracking:  Sometimes, vaguely.  It's like I'm either spot on doing good or horrible beyond belief.

Exercise:  Not really.  At least, not as much as I would like.  I'm still doing basic things but need to get into gear more. 

Hopefully after the first of the year my life will slow down a bit and I can complete a coherent thought.  :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 8

Hot 100 Update 8:

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

I'm still here which is "something".  Being accountable for ME, means posting more than once or twice a week.  I'm doing this challenge to HELP me be more accountable and achieve success.  I have not made any progress this week.  I'm still up a bit but basically holding my own.  I'm not happy "holding my own" though.  Some days are awesome, some just "okay" and others less than stellar. 

Goal 2: Food Tracking & Planning

Still basically off and on. Today I tracked and did okay. BUT. I didn't plan my meals, not all of them. I changed my goal here to read Food Tracking & Planning.  Food tracking isn't happening here without a plan.

Goal 3: Get moving regularly

Yes and no. Mostly no.  I'm still doing some weights and small exercises but the treadmill is getting a bit dusty again. No real excuses, ankle has been fine. 

This time of year is the busiest for me. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. I tend to procrastinate a bit throughout the year and now at the end of November, it's crunch time. So my already busy beyond belief life is now getting more busy.  I know that I still have plenty of time for meal planning, tracking and exercise. So no excuses! 

I"m also going to weigh officially in on the first of the month I think.  I still hop on the scale daily so no denial going on and I still plan on reporting progress on Wednesdays (accountability you know) but I think I'm going to make it official monthly.  We'll see.

Friday, November 12, 2010


4 days ago, my kids were outside wearing shorts and a tshirt.  It was in the high 60's, sunny and gorgeous!  We've had a wonderful fall here in Minnesota and I really can't complain a bit.  Our tree in the back yard drops it's leaves late season, so we JUST got done with the clean up yesterday.  Blew off the roof, bagged the leaves, mulched some leaves and hauled it away. 

Tomorrow I am supposed to wake up to up to 10 inches of snow. 

Not even a transition with some cold. Nope. Just goes from fall to winter like THAT! 


My kids are ecstatic.  The more the better they say!  They are all set for a Saturday full of snowmen, sledding and snowballs.  All I see is shoveling, ice and wet dripping clothes. 

So I think we're planning to just hunker down for the day and watch the snow fly.  Maybe put some soup in the crockpot or something.

I've ignored the scale all week.  I've stayed focused and haven't indulged in too many stupid things.  We won't talk about the 2 oreos that may or may not have shoved themselves into my mouth.  They were stupid red winter ones that the husband bought.  Oreos are NOT supposed to be red!   

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 7

Can I just have a do-over for this week?  Please?!  I really need one.

I'm not going to bore you with the mundane details of how cruddy this week has been for me and how much unnecessary food I have consumed.  It's just stupid.  I feel gross and I am just mad. 

Hopefully mad enough to get back on track.  I was doing so well and then WHAM!  Life kicked in.  Well, "life" isn't going away so we're starting anew.

I'm also not weighing in this week.  Combination of the cruddy week PLUS my scale needs a new battery. I woke up this morning to a bit E error on the scale.  I thought maybe it was trying to tell me something.  I was seriously waiting for the message from the scale "Do you really want to know?"

I don't.  As of Monday I was a couple of pounds up.  Let's hope to getting control of that this week. 

Hot 100 Update

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

Not really, I'm still posting but I really just want to crawl in a hole this week.  There is no hole big enough for my big butt so here I sit.  :-)
Goal 2: Food Tracking

Not really.  I didn't track how many handfuls of pecans I ate while watching The Biggest Loser.  That was dinner. Yes, I am cringing as I'm thinking of that. 
Goal 3: Get moving regularly:
Not too bad.  Not as regular as I would like but I'm not ignoring it. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Smoke Detectors

I'm not generally a Maxine cartoon fan but I saw this tonight and it was so appropriate.  Yes, I know this isn't my food blog but I'm still posting it here.

I made cookies.  And pizza. So the oven was working full time. I've been making a series of Amish breads and other baked goods with Amish starter and today I made Amish chocolate chip cookies.  They were excellent. 

I also wanted to try a new vegetarian pizza. I'm not a vegetarian but I like to cook without meat a couple of times a week.  Tonights plan was a black bean pizza.  Homemade whole wheat crust, salsa, cheese, red peppers and black beans. I made the kids and husband pepperoni.  

So first went the cookies. Then I made 3 crusts, popped the families' pepperoni in first and they turned out great!  At this point I am REALLY hungry and eager to get mine in the oven. So I roll out the dough, place the ingredients beautifully all over the pizza until it looks perfect.  It's then I realize that I forgot to prebake the crust.  


All the other pizza's I prebaked which makes it MUCH crispier and easier to slip off the pan.  So I put this in the oven and when we tried to slip it off the sheet onto the rack to crisp, half of it just fell to the bottom of the oven. It wasn't pretty. Luckily I did get a picture before this happened.  

So we scrapped the bottom of the oven but that didn't stop the billowing smoke from coming out of the oven.  So here it is 36 degrees and we have the doors and windows open, the smoke detectors going off and are watching Toy Story 3 and eating pizza amidst pizza smoke.  

The good news is that 1/2 of the pizza turned out great!  Very tasty, not pretty but delicious.  I'll for sure make it again.

The bad news is that I ate way too much this afternoon. I've been spot on all week and the first part of today went well but then I lost it with the pizza and cookies.  I'll do some heavy duty make up this weekend hopefully! 

I'll be posting this pizza on my recipe blog in a few weeks along with probaby the same story.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday & Hot 100 Update 6

Bad, bad on the posting this week.  It's busy around here, but it shouldn't be any busier than normal. I just don't know where the time goes!

Weight is staying pretty much the same. Funny, I have really good days, then I have some bad days.  Consistency is still an issue.  The good days are outnumbering the bad but I know I need consistency to get results. 

Weight is pretty much the same, I lost .2.  Could be worse. Especially after the salty chinese food I ate on Saturday.  I could FEEL the salt in me.  It was good though but not something that I can indulge in any more.  I make awesome asian food here so I need to stick with that!!  In fact, I made a fantastic general tso's chicken just last night.  Healthy, delicious and way lower calorie and sodium.  I'll be posting the recipe for it in a couple weeks on my recipe blog.

Hot 100 Update

Goal 1: Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here.

Not as much and as thorough as I would like.  I end up only getting time to stop and think after the kids go to bed and by then my head is full of marshmallows and I lose that ability to say anything coherent or inspiring. 

Goal 2: Food Tracking

It's kinda all or nothing here.  The last few days have been very well, I've been tracking and coming in very good calories wise.  Then there are the days at when I just don't pay attention at all. I do a quick count at the end of the day, trying to remember everything I snacked on and realize that it's just way too many calories.  Really, can I seriously expect to come in under 1400 calories by accident and not tracking? It just doesn't happen.  So while it's been better, consistency is still an issue.
Goal 3: Get moving regularly:
Better ...and worse.  Better at being consistent with my mild weight training, pushups and some exercises.  Not so much with the treadmill.  I went on it once this week but that's it.  I have a small window of time when my kids are doing school (homeschool) and most of the kids are napping when I need to get on the treadmill.  I end up spending that time catching up on emails, writing up recipe posts or prepping for dinner.  There is always SOMETHING but I need to take the time.  I just wish I could chop veggies or something while on the treadmill. I'm not good at just doing ONE thing! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall 15 - Week 4

Sorry for the quick post, way too late and way too tired!  Just wanted to post results for the Fall 15.  Hey, if we make it the Fall 5, then I MIGHT have a chance.  Ha ha.

Holding steady, same numbers as last week.  Actually, surprised there wasn't more of a gain!! 

Start Weight 239.4

Current Weight: 239.8
Pounds to lose: 15.4