Slimmer This Summer

Here it is, the list of Slimmer This Summer Challengers. 
Challenge starts June 6th and ends August 28th.  12 weeks of getting fit and healthy over the summer! Email me if you have any questions.


Mir - Two Years to Happy Weight After

Candi - Family, Stamping and FOOD!

Heather - Counting down the pounds...and days until "I do"

Julie - The going to be new me...

Anna - CajunMomma

Jeannette - A Hippo with a Headband

Joy - Pizza, Cakes, Pies...Oh My!

Jo - A Well-Kept Life

Melanie - I'm No Chef; My Everyday Diet Foods

Laryssa - Living in my Magic Garden

Gracie - Gracies' Tough Journey

Katie - Katie J is On Her Way

Kelly - Confessions of a Compulsive Dieter and Emotional Eater

Susan - Beyond My Looking Glass

Stormy - The Big BUTT Theory

Water Lily - Water Lily's Diet Journal

 Zan - Thursday's Child

Alison - Under the Big Oak Tree

Miss April - 30 Before 30

Jade - Coconut Caramel Sunsets, Pretty Girls, Fat & Blood

Emily Jo - From FAT to P.H.A.T

Nicole - Colie's Kitchen

Deb - Weight Loss and God Whispers

Angela - Keeping The Faith

Michele - Ruminations and Uncovering: Toward a New ME!

Natasha - My Journey to a Better Life

Sugar - There's a Skinny Chick in here somewhere

Elizabeth - The Magic Number is 159

Kristy - Kristy Gets Fit

Lisa - Cheap Thrills in Omaha

Kalien - Chunky Momma's Journey to Sexy Momma

Up in the Cosmos - The Voices Within Unleashed

Karrah - A Mom's Journey To Be Fit

Myra - Myra's Journey

Karen - Turn My Life Around

Tanya - The Right To Bare Arms

Jonita - My Weight Loss Experience

Amber - Overcoming My Sugar Addiction

Karyn - Metamorphosis

JoBee - My Journey to 150 lbs. Lighter

Vicki - Less of Me; More of Him

C. - The Evolution of Me

Pam - Empty Nest

Carrie - From Fat Mama to PHAT Mama

Denise - The Healthy Den

Danielle - Through Stumbles, Bumbles and Detours...

Charlene - Dieting 4 Disney, Losing 4 Luke

Brandi - Searching For Serenity

MB - Why the Weight?

Cara - The B Is For Brave

Ayla - Life as a Fat Girl

Lynn - Fit by Fifty

Sarah - Forty Weeks, Forty Chapters, Forty Pounds

Debbi & Danielle - Debbi Does Dieting