Saturday, July 2, 2011


It's been sorta a bum week.  My eating has just been "okay". I've been tracking but just sorta eating and then figuring out what I've been eating by the end of the day.  So NOT what I intended to do and so NOT what I tell others that they should do.  I've told others, plan first, then track so you know what's coming and prepared. Ya, that hasn't been happening this week.  

I'm mad at myself for not doing as well as planned.  I KNOW how to do this. It's not complicated so I don't know what the deal is. 

I'm kinda embarrassed that I have been trying to get everyone else to stick to their plans and eat well but I feel like I'm failing miserably.  I'm not gaining weight but I'm not sticking to the 1200 - 1400 that I want to need to.    I don't like the way I look, I don't like the way I feel, I don't like not being in control so yes, this is something that I NEED to do.  

Exercise has been actually pretty good. I started a new exercise class this week where I found some new muscles. This I will keep up weekly with.  Plus I stepped up my stair exercises and ordered a new exercise DVD that I can't wait to start.  It's been hot but a nice week so I was able to go on a few walks, I'm seeing a difference in speed and plan to increase distance when it's not quite so hot.

So, time to get back on track with food.  No more snacking! *sigh* I tracked the first part of the week and then fell off the wagon. I would start tracking and then "life" would come in and it would just all fall to pieces by the end of the day.   Busy week ahead but I have to do better.  Not just for the challenge, but for myself and my family.   


  1. Debbi,
    Each and every minute we get a chance to stop what we are doing and do it better. Do not beat yourself up for what you were doing - make the change now.


  2. Life does happen. This is like a race, but there is no finish line. There is a goal, and there is a prize...but even when you get there, you are not done with the struggle! So cut yourself a break. Just get back on the road and run. Visually picture the map of the racecourse. See all those hurdles coming? Hills, construction zones, STOP signs (those are the worst...when your body decides, ha ha, just because you lost 40 lbs doing this doesn't mean you're going to lose THIS week!), all those things can interuppt your journey. But every time you make a choice to stay the course, you are one step closer to the prize of good health and energy and longer life and good examples for your kids (just off the top of my head).

    You are a great friend and a great mentor!

  3. We all have to decide what we really want and do the things that make it happen. We have to be careful of falling into ruts and especially repeating cycles that slow us down. None of us should feel like we have the be the "light on the hill" for people to follow. Our struggles are of our own making and only we can beat them. I know you can be successful. You've done it before.

  4. Keep your chin up, kiddo. It's a journey, and we're here with you. We understand, so don't fret. Be the Little Engine That Could. :)

  5. "found some new muscles", she said. That's wonderful, work it out and rock it out this week! I have been posting up and commenting like crazy, yet being in a major slump with a family tragedy here. It's tough. Life is tough. But, you are right - you know how to do this and the beautiful thing - you CAN do it. You are completely capable, you are amazing. Now get off your butt and plan plan plan. ;)

  6. I seem to do the same thing. I track my food in the morning and lunch, but then in the evening I sort of lose track. You are right about the control. You can do this! Just stay focused and keep your plan in front of you.

  7. I feel your pain. The other day I sat with my back to the frig in the middle of the kitchen and just cried because I was hungry and I din't have anything I wanted to eat (meaning fast food). I keep telling myself it's worth it. COME On let's all say it together lol!! Keep up the good work Deb you are doing great and remember we all have bad days, or a bad week, tomorrow is a new day, and a new week!!

  8. We all go off the wagon a bit now and then. So, just hop back on. You are cheering us on, so now our turn to spreed the love. You can do it Debbie! exercise is great, so keep that up, too!


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