Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I nibbled most the day. I just kept eating. I sorta kept it in check but I still ate too much.  I should have had an awesome day because tomorrow will be bad. Fair day.  Hopefully I'll remember to weigh in tomorrow morning! Not expecting any movement though! 

Pizza Egg Bagel = 200 calories
Salad = 100 calories
Chipotle Bean Patty with lettuce, tomato and sour cream = 275 calories
Vitatop = 100 calories
Salad = 100 calories
Apple with PB2 = 150 calories
Peach Pancakes & Ham = 525 calories
Popcorn = 100 calories
Total calories = 1550 calories

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shame on Me!

Ok, I know, 2 days missed. Saturday I was just up too late and didn't think about it. Yesterday I was just lazy and tired!

I ate so - so all weekend. Certainly not going to lose any weight but there shouldn't be any spikes either. I'm back on track today and doing well. 

Pizza Egg Bagel = 200 calories
Cheez- its = 200 calories
Salad = 350 calories
Vitatop = 100 calories
Cookies = 200 calories
Hamburger = 450 calories

Total calories = 1500 calories

Why I chose the 2 - 100 calorie pack of cookies over the freshly cut watermelon is beyond me.  Pretty high carb day.   Not enough water either. Grrr.

I need to be spot on tomorrow with eating.  Wednesday is the State Fair.  I haven't been there in like 10 years! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't even...

Don't even ask what I ate today.  I'm going to bed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evil Chocolate Chips

I seriously didn't want to post today.  Not that it would have changed anything. 

I started out so good.  I ate my pizza egg bagel as usual.  Then I ate a fair amount of pizza for lunch.  Not TOO much.  Mostly toppings, not that much crust.

Then I made amish bread.  You know, the ones that I've been making on my recipe blog for the last few months.  It wasn't necessarily the bread/cake itself that got me.  It was the chocolate chips. I made a coconut bread with chocolate topping.  I KEPT eating the chocolate chips!!  Every handful I took, I kept thinking, "what the heck are you doing, stop doing that!". But I didn't. I ate WAY too many.

Then I ate some cake.  Not too much but some.

I was thinking about blaming it on the monthly visitor but I don't think I ate them because I was craving them.  I ate them because they were THERE. Seriously.   

I didn't eat dinner.  I just wasn't hungry. Isn't that weird??  I did make a new meal today for my blog so I photographed it and ate about 2 bites and then put it away for lunch tomorrow.  It's not like 1/4 bag of chocolate chips and 2 pieces of cake could really fill me up THAT much?  Calories wise, it was insane I'm sure.  Each piece of cake is roughly 300 calories.  I don't want to know how much 1/4 bag of chocolate chips is.  Okay, so I just figured it out. Not actually QUITE as bad as I thought. I used 1/2 the bag for the frosting and there is about 1/4 of the bag left so I ate about 400 calories in chocolate chips.

So this is the breakdown.

Pizza Egg Bagel = 200
Pizza = 500
Amish Bread/Cake = 600
Chocolate Chips = 400
Few bites of dinner = 100

Total calories = 1800 calories

Weird, it's not as bad calorie wise as I thought.  I seriously thought it would be closer to 3000 or something.  That's what it FELT like. Nutritionally, it totally sucked.  You'd think I would be starving but I'm TOTALLY not. I should be in a sugar coma!!

In any case, I feel horrible about the choices I made today.  The good news, is at least I DID keep track and am being accountable for it.  Think how much worse it would be just to mindlessly eat and not have ANY idea of how much was consumed!!  I spent too many years doing THAT so we're not going back there. 

Tomorrow will be better.  No more cake. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday Week 14

Well, we have a 1.4 loss today. I'll take it!!  At least we're heading in the right direction and my focus is still good and I've been having very good days with eating. 

I need to start exercising though... 

Today's eats

1/2 banana = 60 calories
Pizza Egg Bagel = 200 calories
Taco Twist Bake = 450 caliories
Salad = 200 calories
Hamburger = 380 calories
French fries = 150 calories
Corn on the cob = 60 calories

Total calories = 1500 calories

The hamburger I ate for dinner was HUGE, it was 330 calories just for the meat (Costco sirloin burger) so I ate it with no bun but some ketchup and bbq sauce.  I should have skipped the fries but I so love them!!  I would have much rather had the fries than the stupid bun for the hamburger though!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eating Good!!

Today we had some good eats.  I wasn't hungry either. That's big for me. I don't like to be hungry!  (who does?!)

Pizza Egg Bagel = 200 calories
Chipotle Bean Burger Salad = 350 calories
Chocolate Vitatop = 100 calories
Taco Twist Pasta = 500 calories
Tootsie Rolls = 160 calories

Total calories = 1310 calories

Can you believe it?  That little calories and I ate tootsie rolls for 160 calories?!  They were good though. We do bible reading every evening in my room and we have a big bin of tootsie rolls in there and usually I just let the kids eat them but today I started.  No snacking either today!!  Yea! That Taco Twist Pasta was awesome, it was all I could do to avoid eating the last portion of that!!  I get it tomorrow for lunch!! Yea!!

Tomorrow weight in.  Should be interesting...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Samples

I got the inspiration fro this post from Please Dont Eat Me.  She talked about how she caved and got an indulgent drink and how it made her feel.  She even likened it to a smoker who has his first cigarette after many years of smoking and how awesome it feels at first. 

There are foods that I can never eat again.  McDonalds Cheeseburgers.  Any fast food cheeseburgers. Top the Tator dip.  Any kind of chip dip. Those are the main ones that come to mind. 

The other day, I'm in Walmart, and there is a lady with samples of a chip dip so she had this super small amount of chip dip and a few potato chips.  I took one. I am a firm believer that samples, do not contain calories.  :-)

I tasted the chip and dip.  At once, my eyes rolled back into my head and all these flooding memories of the bliss of eating chips and dip all came back.  Back when I was single, I worked late nights, I used to go to the store and buy a bag of chips and dip and go home and consume them while watching TV.  I couldn't WAIT for the my work shift to end so I could do this.  Not every night but often enough. 

So, right after the blissful memories, then came the feeling of disgust as to what I used to do. I remembered how I used to walk out to the dumpster to throw away the evidence so I wouldn't be reminded of how many calories I had just consumed.  I remembered the extreme disappointment for how I couldn't control myself. I didn't WANT to eat it all, I just couldn't help it.  (ya right).

So I finished my sample of chips and dip and was reminded that I am SOOOO a different person than I was.  I still overeat but I am so much more in control. Complete control?  No.  But so much better.


I ate weird today.  Nothing planned but stayed within my calories

Salsa Egg Bagel = 195 calories
Side Salad w/ FF Zesty Italian = 50 calories
Cheese and crackers = 350 calories
Bread = 150 calories
Quaker Oat bar = 90 calories
Salad with Ham & Sweet Vidalia Dressing = 400 calories
2 Quaker Oat bars = 180

Total calories = 1415 calories

I pretty much just snacked on cheese and crackers for lunch which was stupid but a small amount filled me up. I could have done with out the extra bread in the afternoon but it looked good!  Then went shopping before dinner and came home and inhaled a huge salad and 2 more bars.  Weird day for eating. At least there really was no cooking involved!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Eats and Lots of Sun!

So I haven't been exactly posting every night. I'm okay with that. As long as it doesn't mean that I'm avoiding blogging because I ate an entire pan of brownies and a bag of doritos.  Never fear, it's just because I'm tired and busy. And I don't hava a lot to say. 

I ate good this weekend.  Very good. I had a few extra slices of bread last night so I came in about 300 calories more than planned but that was okay.  Today was great!  Despite spending the entire day outside at the beach in the sun and going to Culvers for lunch! 

We're all burnt, nothing major but it's going to be a warm night for us all. It's amazing how much water you lose when you're in the sun all day too. I feel like I've drank a TON of water today but I've barely peed and I FEEL dry!  Tomorrow I plan to drink a LOT. 

Todays eats were:

Nature Valley bar = 190 Calories
Culvers Chicke Salad Wrap = 500 calories
1/2 Nature Valley Bar = 95 calories
2 Turkey Wraps = 430 calories (told you we'd be eating them all weekend!)

Total calories = 1215

I meant to have another snack this evening and I AM a bit hungry but I am super tired and will hopefully be asleep in 10 minutes so why bother eating!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Staying On Track & Feeling GOOD About It!

Staying on track feels pretty good.  Really it does.

I planned, tracked and executed my meals perfect today. Even the splurge at the end turned out fine.  I feel SO GOOD about the choices I made!! I also have been drinking a ton of water.

I was really hungry before lunch.  I ate late too.  We like to make a big batch of the Asian Turkey Wraps and eat them all weekend so you'll be likely seeing those a lot this weekend.  We added an extra bag of broccoli slaw and water chestnuts to them this time so that reduced the calories even more.  Yea!! 

I was planning to have a bowl of 100 calorie popcorn but when I got the kids some ice cream, I had more than I should have so out goes the popcorn. I'm not hungry so that's okay.  I estimated high on most of the things here so there is a good chance I came in lower in calories.
Salsa Egg Bagel = 195 calories (bagel thin, egg beaters, salsa)
Chocolate Vitatop = 100
2 Asian Turkey Wraps = 430 calories
Sicilian Meatloaf w/ BBQ sauce = 350 calories
3 Zucchini Fritters = 225 calories
Ice Cream = 100 calories

Total calories = 1400 calories

I feel like I have been posting depressing things about my dieting since I've started this blog.  Or at least I FEEL depressed usually when writing about it. I often think,

"I so can't tell anybody how many pretzels, or handfuls of cereal and other random unaccountable junk I ate today!"

I don't WANT anyone to know when I do that!!!  So when I fess up, I feel depressed.  "Having" to write it out has helped so much.  Tonight I was almost excited to write this post up. I was PROUD of what I ate.  I certainly hope this sticks around for awhile!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday, er Thursday

Yesterday was just a whirl wind of a day. I woke up late and it just never stopped after that. I didn't even think to weigh myself yesterday morning. I thought of it around 10 but by then I had had 3 glasses of water and breakfast!  I wasn't about to step on the scale.

So I got on today. Guess what?  NOTHING!  Same as last week.  Could have been worse.  I ate okay last week but not great so I really didn't expect to lose anything major. 

Check out Charlie from Back To The Fridge.  He's driving a weight loss train and he wants as many people on board!!  First read this post.  Then read this.  Or just read the whole stinking blog, it's awesome!  He wants everyone to take a picture of themselves with a card saying your name and "I'm On Board" and send it to him.  It's like a little contract with yourself to stay ON the train and not get off.  The train ain't stopping people!!  GET ON BOARD NOW! 

Today I ate:

Salsa Egg Bagel = 180 calories
Yogurt = 80 calories
Salad = 95 calories
1/2 banana = 60 calories
Lean Cuisine meal = 330 calories
3/4 of a vitatop = 75 calories
Sicilian Meatloaf = 300 calories
6 Zucchini Fritters = 450 calories (YIKES)
2 bites of ice cream = 50 calories

Total calories = 1620 calories

I bombed on the zucchini fritters. I mean to only have 3 of them but they were so darned tasty and I was so hungry!!  They were actually super healthy but the calories add up!  If I stick to my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DIET, I can succeed!  It's just sticking with it that is the problem!!  Grrr.

I seriously thought about that train a lot today!  Thanks Charlie!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy Your Food!!

I just read a post from Bob from Life Changing Journey that inspired me to write this one. I just found his blog so I need to read through it and get caught up but from what I've read, he seems super committed to losing weight! 

So anyways, his challenge for himself and others is to slow down and chew your food.  This didn't sound overly challenging at first until I thought about it.  Really thought about it.

I have 8 - 10 kids here all day long so obviously it is pretty busy.  I get lunch for them, clean up, put some to bed.  Then I grab some lunch, often just leftovers from the previous nights dinner. I sit at the computer and eat while perusing my emails.  After a few minutes, my lunch is done and I'm like,

"Hey, Where did my lunch go?"

I ate it so fast and was completely unaware that I even ate it.  How incredibly sad!!  It's not like I'm eating a pasty, gross form of nourishment not meant to be enjoyed.  I take pride in making delicious, tasty food that I ENJOY to eat! 

I tend to eat so fast that I don't get to ENJOY my food.  Therefore, my stomach may be satisfied but my mouth wasn't.  My brain was too busy scrolling emails rather thank focusing on the deliciousness in front of me.  So then I want more.  So often I'll go get more. Even though my stomach doesn't want it, my mouth and brain want it.  It wins and I gain weight.

SO.  My challenge for myself is to slow down and ENJOY my food!  Quit looking at emails or whatever and actually enjoy my food. I'm hoping that will help.
I am also going to start writing down what I ate here.

I've been super hit or miss (mostly miss) about writing down my food.  So I figure, if I start recording it here, hopefully I'll continue. I probably won't do this every day but I'll try for as many times during the week as I can!  Plus, you can get a preview on the awesome recipes that I'll be posting on my recipe blog.  :-)

Pizza Egg Bagel - 180 calories
Orange Yogurt - 100 calories
Ham - 30 calories
Bean Burger on Lettuce with sour cream, salsa and tomato = 325 calories
Blueberries = 20 calories
6 Pretzels = 40 calories
Pretzel Coated Chicken = 350 calories
Squash, Zucchini Risotto = 225 calories
Peach Amish Bread = 300 calories

Total calories = 1570 calories

Notice how good I did before the stupid Amish cake came out of the oven??  Holy cow this was delicious!! I am NOT going to have a piece tomorrow.  (I'll so need a reminder on this tomorrow!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DIET

This is the "diet" that I have tried to live by for the last few years. 

1 hundred calorie snacks

2 times a day.

3 hundred calorie breakfast.

4 hundred calorie lunch

5 hundred calorie dinner

That equals about 1400 calories. This works for me. I lose weight when I do this.  When spot on, I try to estimate high on calories and round up on things so in theory the 1400 is the max calories injested, hopefully in reality it's more like 1300. 

I often will eat a egg beaters breakfast sammie for 200 calories and then an hour 1/2 later eat a 100 calorie yogurt to break breakfast up. (It's almost like getting a "free snack!).

Then I shoot for about a 400 calorie lunch.  A vitatop or apple in the afternoon.  About a 500 calorie dinner and a bowl of 100 calorie popcorn in the evening. 

This worked for me.  I lost 100 lbs. 

Then I got sloppy.  I ate the kids' pizza crusts after lunch, I took a few handfuls of their cereal after putting it away, grabbed a few pretzels after handing out snack.  Got in a crabby mood in the afternoon and decided to eat 2 - 3 granola bars in the afternoon because they taste good and "I'll only do it today." Eat leftovers as I am putting dinner away because it was good and there really "it was really healthy!"  I rationalized a whole bunch of stuff. 


I gained 20 lbs. back. I maintained for a LONG time.  Then I gained 20 lbs. back. 

Now I'm trying to get back into the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 diet but stick with it and not stray from it!!


I didn't stick with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plan today.  Why? I don't know.  I am posting this as a reminder to ME to GET BACK IN THE HABIT OF IT.  Or success will just not come. *sigh*

This is linked with Watch My Weight Wednesday over at Angie's Healthy Living Blog!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Can I Still Fit Into The Pajamas???

Busy day, busy day!  Complete failure as far as eating too.  I so wish I could crawl in a hole and not tell anyone but THAT certainly wouldn't help!! 

I started out so good. Nice breakfast, nice lunch, sensible snack.  Then the buffet for dinner. It wasn't pretty. It's almost 11 at night and I'm still full.  Seriously. Started with the nice sensible salad and then realized how HUNGRY I was and didn't stop to think before eating a whole bunch of junk, more junk, 1/2 my husbands chocolate pie, some banana pudding and then topped it off with some apple crisp with ice cream.  Small portion but still.  I so wasn't even remotely hungry for it. It just looked good. I SOOOOO have to stay away from the restaurants!!

I'm incredibly tired.  I so need to go to bed. If I can still fit into the pajamas!! I feel so huge after that meal!!  Grrr..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blame It On The Beans

Ooops! I forgot to post yesterday.  I stayed up way too late doing dumb stuff on the computer and then when it was like 1 am,  I thought about posting but then thought going to bed was a better idea. 

I ate too much the last 2 days.  I made baked beans.  No, I made AWESOME baked beans. I have several recipes for beans but these are now my favorite. 

And I'm not even going to give you the recipe!  Ha!  Not for a few weeks anyway when I get around to posting it. Let me just say that it had a lot to do with bacon and salsa!  Yummers!

Anyways.  They were so good that I way over ate.  Really over ate.  Beans, especially when it involves bacon, are pretty high calorie.  They came in at about 350 calories per cup.  That's a lot of calories.  But not a ton of beans.  Oh, it's enough to be full. They are healthy, full of fiber and protein so a cup of beans and a salad would have been perfect. 

BUT THEY TASTED SO GOOD!!  I just had to have more.  And more. 

I slept in this morning.  Guess what I had for breakfast?  Guess what I had for lunch?  Yup!  Beans!

Seriously, I think I would have had more control if there were a cheesecake in the frig! 

Moral of the story. Calories were high, today and yesterday. Not gain 2 lbs. kind of high but the scale certainly isn't going to be showing a loss if this keeps up!!  SO - my goal is to have a few super good days to make up for it. 

Tomorrow shouldn't be as bad.  The beans are gone.  :-(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating When You Are Hungry??

I got inspired today to write this post.  I was reading Kat's Adventure in Dietland's post about battling hunger

She is struggling with the eat when you are hungry only thought.  She doesn't want to calorie count, she wants to eat regular portions but still feels hungry after sometimes. She asked the question, "What do you do when you've had enough to eat, but still want to eat more?"

One reader said that she thought it was emotional eating. 

I don't necessarily agree that eating when not "hungry" is emotional. (Is boredome an emotion?) Eating 24 tacos is something emotional but eating a reasonable sized dinner, then an hour later wanting a granola bar, 1/2 hour after that wanting an ice cream sandwich, then wanting some popcorn 1/2 hour later that your hubby popped and it smells do darn good.  THAT, is just having the munchies. THAT is why we are fat. I wouldn't call that uncontrollable eating. (I KNOW uncontrollable eating, been there, done that). It's the snacking and munching that will pack on the pounds. You don't have to be HUNGRY to eat any of those things.

I've never been able to do the eat when you are hungry thing. I am home all day with daycare kids. The best I can do is hold off on my lunch if I'm not quite hungry. Then I can, (in theory), not snack so much before dinner. My stomach is not necessarily growling when eat that granola bar in the afternoon!  It's not necessarily unhealthy, it has protein but it's 100 - 140 calories that I don't NEED at that moment.  Then, it tastes so darn good I want another one!  AAAAHHH!!  Don't do THAT!

I didn't really answer her question.  "What do you do when you've had enough to eat, but still want to eat more?" 

I eat.  That's why I am not losing weight.  That's why I gained the 20 lbs. back that I already lost.  I eat.

She had some good tips for what to do and good heatlhy things to eat in between meals.  They are good tips and you should go read them.  BUT, the question now is: Will you APPLY them? 

Will I DO them??

This is linked with Watch My Weight Wednesday over at Angie's Healthy Living Blog!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weigh In: August 11th

Weigh in Wednesday. 

I actually almost forgot this morning.  But, there it was.  The scale.  Chuckling as I tried to leave the bathroom. 

"Just where do you think you're going?!"

"Uh, sorry. I forgot."

"Not a chance chickie, jump on!"

So I did.  I wasn't expecting miraculous results. My eating has just been OKAY this week. It showed a gain of .8.  After last weeks loss, I'm okay with that. 

Today's eating was just OKAY too.  Frozen pizza.  Grr.  It would be better if the husband and kids ate it all. It's the leftover crusts and pieces that call to me!!  So I ate some.  Then some leftover peach slaw from last night.

I drank more.  Still not enough for some reason, but more. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Need A Drink...

I haven't been drinking enough water. It's been so busy and I just haven't been thirsty! I have to REMIND myself to drink. 

I can tell when I am getting dry, all of a sudden, I feel as if I could drink an entire lake. By then it's too late, it takes several days to get the moisture back in. 

Wasn't I complaining of TOO much water last week?

I also can complain that it's been raining everyday day. Not all day, just enough to keep the humidity at record breaking highs.  And raining enough to keep the backyard wet so my little 2 years olds can't go outside as long or they just get full of mud. 

It's raining again now.  Buckets.  So we'll wake up to sun and mud again in the morning.  Sigh.  I need a drink. Of water.

I ate decently today.  I say decently because I didn't track.  Again.  Which means that misc. pretzels went into my mouth and an extra portion of coleslaw and who knows what else. Nothing horrible. Just didn't track it.  I have a feeling the scale will be about the same as last week. I don't think a loss happened this week.  I know what I need to do to see a loss and I didn't quite do it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Want an Extra Day!

Today was just one of those odd days where I know I didn't overeat, but I didn't calculate my calories.  I find often when I eat leftovers, I have to estimate on calories so I tend not to bother.  Luckily I was too busy to eat. At least too much. 

I am gearing up for a busy month.  Or many months. I've had fun with the summer "off".  I homeschool my kids so their summer off is my summer off.  It's been nice.  But school starts in 4 weeks and I've got things that I HAVE to get done before school starts. Just paperwork stuff. Dumb stuff. I have a lot to organize. My desk looks like a paper factory blew up!  Stuff everywhere!   I've been having fun getting recipes and commenting and reading blogs but I'm going to have to cut back a bit.  There just isn't going to be enough hours in the day. Especially once school starts.  *sigh*. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra day once in awhile? 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Interesting Parallel

I see so many parallels with weight loss and spirituality.  If you are a religious person at all believing in God then you will GET this. If not, that's okay. 

God only wants the best from us. He has given us the bible with his standards that he wants us to obey. We WANT to have God approve of us so therefore we try to uphold his standards.  But then we have Satan and the world, trying to tempt us away from God.  Everyday he is bombarding us with things. Whether it's adultery, lying, cheating on a tax return, watching movies that are not appropriate, whatever. He is always there, trying to get us to do these things.  Not only that, but he fools us into thinking that we deserve these things. He fools us into thinking that it's it's not REALLY bad if we leave early from work even though our boss thinks we're there until 5.  That might sound like a dumb example but it's this kind of thinking that slowly leads to more dangerous things that can seriously hurt our spirituality with God and make it so that he does NOT approve of us.  This can be a fatal mistake. 

Okay, so let's contrast this with dieting.  We all know how to lose weight.  We all know that we need to eat less and move more. Simple as that.  We know that pizza, fast food restaurants, candy and chips are not going to help us on our journey. Yet, we think that by eating just a TASTE will be okay. "I know I shouldn't have that candy but just once won't hurt will it?"  It's those little tastes that lead to binging or mindless eating.  Before we know it, we're in so deep that it's hard to claw our way out.  It's the same with Satan's worldly temptations, we think that just getting a "taste" of the world will be okay. "It's not like watching ONE bad movie is going to spiritually harm me?".  Well, Satan is watching.  If he knows you are tempted by that movie, he's going to try to get you to watch another, and another.  It's the same thing with food.  If we can't overcome today's temptation, then tomorrows won't be any easier. 

We think that there are too many temptations around us and that we CAN'T do it.  It's too hard.  The office had donuts delivered, it's pizza night and I don't want to let the kids down, I'm in a hurry so I'll just grab a burger and fries.  We fool ourselves into believing that it's too hard.

I hear the same things coming out of peoples mouths about dieting and spirituality.  "I want to serve God better but it's hard, there are too many temptations", "I don't have time to read the Bible", "I don't have time to go to meetings or church". 

Then there are the dieting statements "I want to lose weight but there are too many temptations", "I don't have time to make my own food every day", "I don't have time to count calories and plan my meals". 

What do we care more about?  Our bodies or our taste buds?  What do we care more about our own desires or our relationship with God?  See the parallel? 

Is it because we just don't WANT it enough?  Are we fooling ourselves?  Deep down, do we actually LIKE to be this fat?  Heck no!  We desperately WANT to lose weight but we doubt our abilities and we give in.  Just like so many people do with God.  They give in to their own wants and desires and ignore what He really wants.

God isn't going to disapprove of us if we have an extra slice of pizza. But we will not approve of that pizza.  We will feel regret over that mistake. And it often leads to more mistakes. 

Now don't worry. I'm not turning this into a religious blog.  I am very religious but don't try to include it in my blogging.  I love talking with people about God, but not on this blog. I just hear the same messages being conveyed for both dieting and spiritually.  I found it interesting so I wrote this.  I wrote quick and sorta rambled so I hope it made sense?    

Saturday, August 7, 2010


The kids are sick today. Not sure with what headache, slight fever, nothing major. But we are completely homebound for the weekend.  I'm not sure when the next time I'll see the light of day. 

Sadly, the only thing good about being at home is that my eating schedule stays in place.  We're not running around town or grabbing things at the last minute. See, I'm trying to look on the bright side of things!

I did eat good today. I had about 1400 calories.  For me that's good.  I tracked the calories too! I didn't just eat and then figure it out at the end of the day like I have been doing.  If I keep tracking, I can do this. I know I can.

I didn't exercise at all. We pretty much watched movies and napped. Yes, I took a nap. Naps are awesome.

I made these teriyaki broccoli slaw wraps.  We ate them for lunch and dinner. They are seriously my favorite food. I could just make a huge batch at the beginning of the week and just eat them all week.  Tasty, low calorie and filling.  What else do I need?!

I watched 2012 on Netflix Instant Watch. Not impressed. I've seen those "end of the world" movies and the good ones actually make you believe that it could actually happen. Not this one.  Yes, they are all "larger than life" but this one seemed way over the top.  Something to do while planning next weeks meals and going through some cooking magazine though. 

Wow, it's late.  That's what I get for napping.  Sorry, this has been quite the boring post.  Sad that it's been an indoors day with sick kids but good that I didn't use that as an excuse to make (and inhale) cookies or something. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stick With It Already!!

Boring post ahead.

I stayed up way too late so I don't want to type any more.  I need to be accountable so type I will do!

I ate crappy today. Not awful but just junk that I didn't need not account for. 

I sound like a broken record but I NEED TO START RECORDING MY MEALS AGAIN!!!

I keep saying it, but I'm not doing it.  Grrrr.  Make a plan, stick with it.   I know what the plan needs to be, now I just need to STICK WITH IT!

Off to bed, way too tired to think.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moody Computer

My computer has been in a bad mood all day.  Super slow, closing windows at will, not letting me send emails.   The whole day had been annoying.  So I didn't get much computer stuff done.

I did manage to list my lemon chicken on my other blog.  I could eat that daily.  Seriously. 

I ate decently today but as usual, snacked too much.  Stupid stuff like a handful (or 2) of butterscotch chips and way too many tootsie rolls tonight. My kids and I were bible reading and we were eating tootsie rolls as a treat. I don't even particularly LIKE tootsie rolls.  Plus it's really hard to read aloud when you are chewing chocolate.  Pretty stupid. 

All in all, I'm still doing well. I would like to be more disciplined though. I'm afraid if I'm allowing this snacking now, that in a week or so, I'll be doing it much more.  That's the trend that I'm seeing. I want desperately to avoid that trend. 

So for now, I keep doing what I'm doing.  My meals are spot on.  It's just the junk inbetween the meals that I have to work on. 

I hope my computer isn't moody tomorrow. I've got blogs to read and comment on!!!  :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weigh In: August 4 Summer 15 Challenge

Isn't salt amazing??  I wrote about this last week how I was absolutely amazed at what salt can do to the body. I've seen where I will eat out or get pizza over the weekend and Monday morning have "gained" 2 -3 lbs. in salt.  That's why I don't weigh in on Mondays. 

Well, the weekend we were out of town we ate out a lot. I didn't necessarily gorge myself but we ate out.  McDonalds, Subway, a buffet, and pizza.  Then I did eat a individual size bag of chips every day while at the hotel. Oh - AND I was having my period.

Anyways, I came home Monday, fat and bloated, jumped on the scale and was 249. 


That was 11 lbs. gained in 5 days.  I was 238 the previous Wednesday.  Can you imagine how horrified I was to see an 11 lbs. + weight gain in 5 days!!  I KNEW that a lot of it was salt and water but how much?  I knew I overate but I kept thinking, "I didn't eat THAT much, did I?" By my next Wednesday weigh in, it was better. Not gone, but better. Now, the water and salt is gone. Plus I've been tracking calories and eating good. 

I came in today at 236 even. *sigh of relief*  Back on track. For now. 

So next week is all me. No salt and water to whine about. I am completely avoiding the restaurants. Not picking up pizza.  None of that.

I think I mentioned that I was in a new challenge for August? The End Of The Summer Challenge.  I started that challenge on August 1st at 237.6.  The salt and everything bad was completely out of me by then so it was the PERFECT time to pick up on the challenge!!

I did good today. It was busy so I didn't track my food as I was eating it but I came out okay. Not super but okay. I need to plan and track though, otherwise I DON'T stay on track.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fry Boxes and Hamburger Boxes

I need to give a shout out to another one of my favorites. (are you kidding me, there are SO many favorites! You all are!). Anyways, I was so happy for Skinny Emmie the other day. She posted a total of 69 lbs. lost.  69 lbs. is a LOT. I made the comment on her blog that I used to work for a fast food restaurants years and years ago and I remember the fry boxes being 36 lbs. and the hamburgers being 50 lbs.  I remember how heavy those were when unloading inventory. I think of that often now when I lose weight. 

I remember when I lost a 36 lb fry box.

Then I lost a 50 lb. hamburger box. 

Now, all together, I'm just about at one fry box and and a hamburger box together lost. That's a lot of burgers and fries!

Now I just need to lost ANOTHER hamburger and fry box and we'll be good!! 

I go to the store now and buy 3 lbs. of meat. Or 5 lbs. of meat. Sometimes, I get the big Sam's Club 10 lb roll of ground beef.  I think, "How nice it would be to lose this!",  Or "I can't believe I GAINED this much!"

It becomes more of a reality for me when I can SEE what 10 lbs. looks like. 

Funny how I am posting this today. I actually did a freezer cooking day. I'll be posting about that on my other blog in a week or so. I bought 20 lbs. of ground turkey and make different meatloafs, burgers, meatballs and taco meat to last for a long time.  That was a lot of ground turkey!! 

I ate good today.  I ate about 1500 calories.  I'm feeling pretty good.  Hope the rest of the week goes well.  Scratch that.  I KNOW the rest of the week will go well!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Game

Game on...

That was the title of Biz's post today and I am so with it!  I can't think of better words.

This is like a game. A game between us and the food. A game between our wants and our desires. 

WE want to lost weight but the FOOD tastes so good.  We WANT to be skinny and healthy but our DESIRE for the food wins.  It wants to win.  Don't we all. 

We may be winning for a long time, get overconfident, start to let our guard down and that is where it swoops in and destroys all the progress we've made.  Leaving us back at the beginning of the game.

Some people have won the game!! Yes, we've seen some people master the game and stay ahead for a long time!  Good for them!

I don't want to play the game.  But I have to. So as long as I have to play the game. I want to win!  Holy cow do I want to win. Really, really badly.

I've got big plans for August.  And none of them involve restaurants or overeating.  Or Parcheesi.

Game on...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Challenge. Again.

Ok, so I started a new challenge.  This time from a blog that I just found.  It's Tammy's blog From Fat to Fab.  I haven't even had time to look too much into her blog but she seems like she struggles the same as the rest of us. Anyways, she is doing just a challenge for August.  Just August 1st through August 31st.  Just to see who can lose the most weight. 

Winning would be awesome!  You know why?  Because that would mean I lost weight!!!  Even not winning and losing weight will be great!!  Seriously, anything, just to help motivate is so nice. I had a really good weekend.  It was busy and I made good choices.  For once I am not dreading the scale on Wednesday. Based on my weight I sent to Tammy today, things are looking much better.

Don't forget about my giveaway I have posted on my other blog.