Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Progress

1. Track Calories = I tracked calories all week.I started using Myfitnesspal but didn't use THAT all week.  I still have my handy dandy notebook for tracking though when I don't get it entered. 

2. Under 10,000 calories a week = Just over, most days were very good but there still is a bit too much snacking in the afternoon.  Which means that dinner has to be light or else I'm over on calories for the day.  The stupid thing is, I'm not snacking because I'm hungry, just snacking because it's there.  Something I totally have to work on.  

3. Water = Good but not great.  I got a little dehydrated last weekend at the convention, as I didn't want to be getting up going to the bathroom.  So I've been working on rehydrating this week but it's been just "okay". 

4. Lose 18 lbs. = 3 lbs. down for the last 2 weeks.  4 lb. loss for challenge. 14 to go to make challenge goal. 

5. Exercise = I'm doing well with trying to get faster and going longer duration.  I had one day that was odd and I was stiff so I cut that walk short.  Otherwise it's going well. I have my weigh strengthening class, walks during the week, my stair exercises, Wii Dance and Wii Fit and the occasional Pilates video. 
6. Encouragement = I've been busier than usual so I haven't been to all of your blogs as planned.  I try to go to as many as possible but the week just goes so fast!  I can't believe it's Saturday already! 

So how did everyone else do for the week?



    There's my update, I rocked it! Well, the pounds and exercise - the eating, my calories were pretty high a couple of days.

    You're on track with the number of pounds you want to lose by the end - step it up, we got this!

  2. great loss this week!

    I blew last week, but I'm not bumped off the program so I'm hopeful I'll make a recovery.

  3. Hi Debbi,
    Looks to me that you had a good week. Saw some weight loss, which is fabulous!

    I did not see the linky too, so will post my update here:
    Have a great weekend! Michele K

  4. Great loss this week! Looks like you did well on your other goals also. I also did really well this week. I don't see the Linky, so for now I'll just post the address to the update.
    I'll check back later and see if the linky is up.

  5. You are headed in the right direction. We can all do better and when we do, weight loss will be better. I know I always have room for improvement. We need to see what a 100% week will do for us. I need to do that again (and soon).

  6. Great job! The snacking is a hard thing sometimes, I know I had problems with it in the past. Not so much this time but mainly cause I can't keep much around to snack on probably.. LOL

  7. Here's to a new week. =) Night time snacking is my biggest weakness, too.

  8. I have a big problem with snacking. I, too, have to get a grip.


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