Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 16 ~ Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/16/2012

Breakfast - Body by Vi Shake
Lunch - Buffet Restaurant
Dinner - Body by Vi Shake
Snack - Trail mix

We've got to stop eating out.  That was one of the reasons I didn't mind paying for the Body by Vi shake system because I thought it would save us from going out to eat so much. Well, we've been stinking on that.

We went to the buffet for lunch but I ate good. Well, better than I would have before at least.  Then another shake for dinner and a couple of handfuls of trail mix for a snack. I actually could have and should have gone without the trail mix. I know I had plenty of calories at the buffet. 


  1. Debbi, I have followed your blog for what, two years now? TWO YEARS. You do the same thing every time. You sabotage yourself. You come up with a great idea, or a great commitment that WILL work, and then you just... don't do it. You snack off the kids plates, or you go out to eat, or "accidentally" eat a sausage and then say, well you didn't do that bad, and overall you stuck to the plan.

    Deb, if you were sticking to the plan, you wouldn't be saying these things to begin with. And you'd be dropping something EVERY SINGLE WEEK. No problem. Because ANY of the diets or exercise plans you have tried can absolutely be successful. But you have to stick to them and I KNOW you can.

    I say this because I have followed you for a long time, and I care about you, and I have cared about the feedback you have given me in low moments.

    Debbi, YOU can be healthy! YOU can be thin! YOU can be fit! I see you! I SEE YOU as a healthy, fit, thin, lean person! This is who you are supposed to be!

    But you have to STOP. No more eating out. No more eating off the kid's plates. No trail mix! Do you know how many calories are in trail mix? It is both EXTREMELY high in fat and sugar AND calories. With two handfuls, I would guess you squared away at least 400 calories, which is a 1/3 of your daily caloric limit! You can't do that!

    No more accidentally going off the plan. Have a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine for dinner instead of cooking something if it's too big of a temptation. Because THAT (plus an apple or something) is an appropriate meal size for us! And until we get used to eating an appropriate amount, maybe we shouldn't be in charge of it!

    I need you to go get on a website like or or Livestrong, and record your calories EVERY DAY. You need to be consciously aware of what you are putting in and how much you are really allowed to be having! Debbi, you can do this, but not if you don't take an active control over your life! Record EVERYTHING you eat, not just on here, but in a calorie counter. 3500 calories are in a pound. Most people need to consume 1500 or less calories a day to lose weight. You need to track it.

    You can do it. But you need to do it differently this time! You are spending money on this journey, and we want you to WIN this battle, but you have to change your tactic! You have to commit! You're going to do it, I know you are! Please, Debbi! Show me what you can DO! Set the right example for your kids and your family this time! DO IT!

  2. And just because your family goes to the Buffet DOES NOT MEAN you have to eat there!


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