Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 18 ~ Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/18/12

Ok, no more hiccups on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.  I want this and it's time to take it seriously.  I do better when I calorie count. I don't like using the online trackers as I cook a lot of food and it's too much time to enter the whole recipe in there.  I just end up spending too much time on it and then just stop doing it altogether. 

 That's what this blog is for. 

At least for the 90 day challenge.  I'm using the blog to track my food.  I like using to find the calories for certain things.  Today I had 3 oz. of black beans, told me that it was 114 calories. I can live with that.  The only way that I've liked the online trackers is when someone is doing it with me.  But every friend keeps peetering out just like me. 

Breakfast: Body by Vi shake (200 calories)
Snack: 3 oz. black beans, 2 tbsp. salsa, 1 tbsp. sour cream, 15 gluten free crackers (275 calories)
Lunch: Body by Vi Shake (200 calories)
Snack: Pineapple & baby carrots (100 calories)
Dinner: Chicken Fajitas - 6 oz. chicken, peppers & onions, 3 corn tortillas, guac (600)
Then I made the mistake of coming home after exercise class and eating a bit more GF crackers and guac (250)


  1. So I have been doing the Body by Vi inconsistently, with little results. I had great results the first two weeks, but then life interfered and it just hasn't been feasible to do it 'right' since. I have noticed though, and wondered if anyone else has had the same issues as me...perpetual constipation and/or stomach cramps after drinking a shake. Have you noticed any adverse symptoms? I am hoping that my summer schedule will settle after next week and I will be able to re-start the shakes consistently, but I don't want to feel sickly while I do it!!!

  2. I didn't have any adverse symptoms. My poop was a bit hard for the first few days but no other stomach issues. Most everyone I know had very minor issues for the first couple of days and then their body got used to the fiber. Hopefully if you stick to it, your body will adjust. I've been straying already and eating too much. It's NOT going to work if we don't do it "right". Let's do this!

  3. I know, right? I didn't do well today, but tomorrow...I am with you! Maybe my tummy troubles will get better with time...I was used to virtually NO fiber at all! I will check back with you soon!


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