Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The First Day. Again.

Today is the day. I have to get back the weight loss mind set. Seriously. I lost like 100 lbs. a year ago and now I have been creeping up.

Today, Beth from Biggest Diabetic Loser posted a 101 days of summer challenge. The challenge is to set a goal and to let her know each week, how it went. So today I am starting. Again.

My goal is to keep track of all the calories I've been eating throughout the day. So far so good!

I only had about 1250 calories today. Which is low. I did have a small dinner and we left the house this evening otherwise I would have had a light snack. I am hungry going to bed. Oh well. Day 1 was a success!

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  1. You did well today. I am trying to get in that mentality too. I did well yesterday and I am hoping to do a repeat today. I did also go to bed hungry which means I am going to bed earlier so I won't eat anything although I can't seem to get to sleep as quickly when I am hungry.


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