Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get over it, I say! Tomorrow's another day!


I am preparing for a gain tomorrow morning on Weigh In day. It won't be pretty.  I re-read some of my posts just a couple short weeks ago about how in control I felt and how I LOVED it. I so want to get that back. 

I do have some excuses for being in a slump. Some valid, some just lame excuses.  It doesn't matter though. I need to get in the right mindset and stop with this "oh screw it I want to eat" attitude. 

Many of these posts are kinda dumb but I need to continue to post something daily. By posting something daily, I am not giving up. I can't.  So even if it is completely horrible results and uninspirational, I will continue to post. 

I had about 1800 calories today. I did super well and then I just ate a way too big dessert for no reason at all and blew it.  Stupid. But whats happened, has happened.  Get over it, I say.  Tomorrow's another day!


  1. that is what I say... tomorrow is a fresh day.... chin up you are doing great... (and I love your blog..)

  2. Debbi,

    Do you workout? Not necessarily at the gym, but are you able to spend 30 minutes and get your heart rate up to your "zone"? (220 minus your age, then divide by 65%) I was surfing the web today looking for different weight loss things and found a site that I thought was interesting:




    I put three different links up for you to look at. After I did their quick questions, I found out that I am supposed to have up to 3000 calories per day...which kinda shocked me! Of course, I'm gonna check with my dietitian, but I still thought it was very interesting!

    Let me know what you think!

  3. Debbi, for me it helps to go back and read some of my own posts when I was "with it" and try to get that focus back. It sounds as if you're doing pretty well through the day and then things fall apart in the evening. Maybe you could find something to take your mind off food? If you floss and brush your teeth, you might not want to get food in them again. Yes, it sounds silly, but it works for me.


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