Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't Waste Food!??!

Have you ever found yourself eating something that you KNOW you shouldn't be eating, you know that it just needs to be out of the house but you don't want to just throw it away because that would be WASTING IT? 

That makes NO SENSE!

It's hurting our bodies, not helping us AT ALL.  Yet, we feel like it would be wasteful to throw it away. 


That's what I just did with a bunch of bars that I made from our party this weekend.  I ate a lot of leftovers today. Too many.  It didn't get really ugly until we decided that the "twix" bars needed to get out of the house.  They were these awesomely, caramelly, crunchy, salty, sweet bars that I made and there were several leftover.  They were goooooooooddddddddddddd!  So my brother, who is watching his calories as well, made the comment "that they need to go away".  So what did I do?


Stupid, stupid, stupid!  My mind is saying that I am going to start clean tomorrow and get back on track.  So THAT gives me permission to eat 800 calories worth of candy bars?  I have no idea how many calories it was but I ate like 4 small bars so it had to be at least that.  Not to mention all the other crap I ate today.

Seriously, IF it is in the house, it would be SOOOOO better to just throw it away. I've even had the thoughts before that if I don't want to eat it, then I'll just give it to my kids.  Well, WHY would I do that?  I'm just setting THEM up for failure by doing that.  Ugh!  Frustrating and annoying is what it is.

We had a blast at the party, great fun but I knew something like this would happen. I knew this wouldn't be a good weekend.  Did I set myself up for failure?  Maybe. Who knows.  I certainly succeeded in failing, that's for sure. 

I so want to wake up tomorrow with a better attitude. I need to.


  1. new day... put the twix behind ya...

  2. Deb you did not fail. You realized a mistake you you won't do again any time soon.


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