Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Power Of M&M's

Its funny how your brain is telling you one thing but your hand is doing another. I know the brain directs the hand.  So why are my thoughts telling me to stop eating M&M's but my hand is still grabbing them. Obviously the part of the brain that wants the M&M's is stronger and winning.  I'm reading weight loss blogs, I'm involved in a couple of weight loss challenges, I am NOT happy with the way I look, I WANT to lose weight.  So WHY, tell me WHY, do I eat these M&M's? 

It's ludicrous to eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner and then eat a 150 calorie portion of M&M's while walking to a parade.  It just doesn't make sense.

I was not eating them because I was emotional. It is just something that isn't usually in the house and I wanted them. Plain as that.  So, if they weren't there, I am convinced that I would have stayed at about 1400 calories. I ate about 1200 calories of food today and I would have had another snack if I hadn't been munching on M&M's all day.  I figure I came in at about 1800 calories with the stupid candy. Why? 


  1. I know how you feel... I myself am not happy with my body...and i know i really want to loose weight - and need to make better choices... (which is hard, because i have Very little down time to make real food - working 2 jobs and constantly on the go) i find myself reaching for those m&m... and i cant understand why... They arent filling, Its not the taste - because theres not much to the taste..i think its the texture... :( I am that person who will eat the L.C. meal for dinner, but fight to keep my hand out of the M&M Bag... its not something i can keep out of the house - because im the only one who is unhappy with my weight - and i have a 3 year old, and we use M&Ms as rewards and learning tools... Sigh... Good luck...and im glad i found ur post on the New Friend Friday (im following you from Trendy Treehouse Friend Friday)

  2. Hi Debbi,

    Dieting requires so much courage. Did it a few times and its tough but not impossible. Are those recipes on your sidebars low calorie ones? They look fantastic. I'm following from FF and I will be back to copy some of these ideas. Good luck on Saturday!


  3. hmmm after years as an intuitive eater I cant say that i didnt read your post and think GREAT!!!

    for me when the food isnt about anything more than food (like you said about emotions etc)---its fine.
    its just food.

    and I move on with my day after enjoying WHATEVER it is!

    xo xo


  4. Damn those M&Ms and their delicious chocolatey goodness. I hear there are pretzel M&Ms now too. I have no control over that stuff so I can't bring it into the house because if I do, I will eat it. The only thing to do now is forget about those M&Ms and move on. Have a great weekend!

  5. M & M's are my weakness, too, so I have no advice except extreme measures: GET THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE AND DON'T BUY ANY MORE.

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