Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crazy Busy Vacation

Did I mention I am on vacation? Again?  I sure don't feel like it. It's so crazy around her. It's one thing after another. Today was family picnic on my husbands side of the family. Small gathering and fun. The kids had a blast. 

I brought a super healthy waldorf salad that everyone loved. I'll post it on my recipe blog next week.  I also brought coconut macaroons.  I'll be posting those bad boys too.  I was good and only had one. I was also good and LEFT THEM AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE. Yup! I learned my lesson. Don't bring food back home! 

I ate good.  I didn't calorie track. Too busy.  I am guessing about 1600 calories. I really didn't eat that much.  Who knows though. My scale isn't looking too good.  I think I'm in for a gain this week.  Will let you know tomorrow!! 


  1. Can't wait to see the recipes for the waldorf salad and coconut macaroons! They both sound yummy!

    Smart lady to leave the leftovers! I learned this the hard way myself. Seems that I am the only one that eats leftovers and I will eat them. Not always a good thing.

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  2. Ahhh! your posts are makign me nervous for this weekend. we're having a big family get together! so Its giong to be food food food. Well I guess i'll take strength from it too, becasue you were able to stop after one. so I can too! Thanks for posting!

  3. I've never made waldorf salad and would like a healthy recipe for it! Well, I think you've done really well considering the circumstances--good luck on weigh-in day and if there's a gain--you can always undo it, right? Right!


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