Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling the Upswing of Things!

I'm way too tired to think of anything even remotely witty to say tonight. Seems to be a pattern of that, huh. 

I planned well and ate pretty much according to plan.  I ate about 1800 calories which was high but I kept in control, which is important for me. The details aren't important but the fact that I can type this without any major regets is huge for me. It's been SOOOOOOO depressing when I do things that weren't planned and so stupid. 

Consistency is where I have been lacking. I am so hoping that this weekend goes well. My confidence boosts as I gain consistency and control.  I am feeling the upswing so hopefully it will continue that way!


  1. 1800 and in control is good. Ebb and flow.

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