Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy Your Food!!

I just read a post from Bob from Life Changing Journey that inspired me to write this one. I just found his blog so I need to read through it and get caught up but from what I've read, he seems super committed to losing weight! 

So anyways, his challenge for himself and others is to slow down and chew your food.  This didn't sound overly challenging at first until I thought about it.  Really thought about it.

I have 8 - 10 kids here all day long so obviously it is pretty busy.  I get lunch for them, clean up, put some to bed.  Then I grab some lunch, often just leftovers from the previous nights dinner. I sit at the computer and eat while perusing my emails.  After a few minutes, my lunch is done and I'm like,

"Hey, Where did my lunch go?"

I ate it so fast and was completely unaware that I even ate it.  How incredibly sad!!  It's not like I'm eating a pasty, gross form of nourishment not meant to be enjoyed.  I take pride in making delicious, tasty food that I ENJOY to eat! 

I tend to eat so fast that I don't get to ENJOY my food.  Therefore, my stomach may be satisfied but my mouth wasn't.  My brain was too busy scrolling emails rather thank focusing on the deliciousness in front of me.  So then I want more.  So often I'll go get more. Even though my stomach doesn't want it, my mouth and brain want it.  It wins and I gain weight.

SO.  My challenge for myself is to slow down and ENJOY my food!  Quit looking at emails or whatever and actually enjoy my food. I'm hoping that will help.
I am also going to start writing down what I ate here.

I've been super hit or miss (mostly miss) about writing down my food.  So I figure, if I start recording it here, hopefully I'll continue. I probably won't do this every day but I'll try for as many times during the week as I can!  Plus, you can get a preview on the awesome recipes that I'll be posting on my recipe blog.  :-)

Pizza Egg Bagel - 180 calories
Orange Yogurt - 100 calories
Ham - 30 calories
Bean Burger on Lettuce with sour cream, salsa and tomato = 325 calories
Blueberries = 20 calories
6 Pretzels = 40 calories
Pretzel Coated Chicken = 350 calories
Squash, Zucchini Risotto = 225 calories
Peach Amish Bread = 300 calories

Total calories = 1570 calories

Notice how good I did before the stupid Amish cake came out of the oven??  Holy cow this was delicious!! I am NOT going to have a piece tomorrow.  (I'll so need a reminder on this tomorrow!)

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  1. So true! I hate it when I am distracted during a meal and look down at my plate and it's gone. My mouth wants more just to enjoy it, evne if my stomach is full! So important to give full attention to your meal. I'm guilty of checking emails too. :) The peach Amish bread sounds so good! The sweets are where I go off course too.


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