Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Samples

I got the inspiration fro this post from Please Dont Eat Me.  She talked about how she caved and got an indulgent drink and how it made her feel.  She even likened it to a smoker who has his first cigarette after many years of smoking and how awesome it feels at first. 

There are foods that I can never eat again.  McDonalds Cheeseburgers.  Any fast food cheeseburgers. Top the Tator dip.  Any kind of chip dip. Those are the main ones that come to mind. 

The other day, I'm in Walmart, and there is a lady with samples of a chip dip so she had this super small amount of chip dip and a few potato chips.  I took one. I am a firm believer that samples, do not contain calories.  :-)

I tasted the chip and dip.  At once, my eyes rolled back into my head and all these flooding memories of the bliss of eating chips and dip all came back.  Back when I was single, I worked late nights, I used to go to the store and buy a bag of chips and dip and go home and consume them while watching TV.  I couldn't WAIT for the my work shift to end so I could do this.  Not every night but often enough. 

So, right after the blissful memories, then came the feeling of disgust as to what I used to do. I remembered how I used to walk out to the dumpster to throw away the evidence so I wouldn't be reminded of how many calories I had just consumed.  I remembered the extreme disappointment for how I couldn't control myself. I didn't WANT to eat it all, I just couldn't help it.  (ya right).

So I finished my sample of chips and dip and was reminded that I am SOOOO a different person than I was.  I still overeat but I am so much more in control. Complete control?  No.  But so much better.


I ate weird today.  Nothing planned but stayed within my calories

Salsa Egg Bagel = 195 calories
Side Salad w/ FF Zesty Italian = 50 calories
Cheese and crackers = 350 calories
Bread = 150 calories
Quaker Oat bar = 90 calories
Salad with Ham & Sweet Vidalia Dressing = 400 calories
2 Quaker Oat bars = 180

Total calories = 1415 calories

I pretty much just snacked on cheese and crackers for lunch which was stupid but a small amount filled me up. I could have done with out the extra bread in the afternoon but it looked good!  Then went shopping before dinner and came home and inhaled a huge salad and 2 more bars.  Weird day for eating. At least there really was no cooking involved!!

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  1. That is such a great thing, Debbi! It's a wonderful thing to look back and realize how far you've come, isn't it? Even when you haven't made it to the finish line yet! Chips and dip used to be a big thing for me too and I NEVER eat them any more. I feel you.


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