Friday, August 20, 2010

Staying On Track & Feeling GOOD About It!

Staying on track feels pretty good.  Really it does.

I planned, tracked and executed my meals perfect today. Even the splurge at the end turned out fine.  I feel SO GOOD about the choices I made!! I also have been drinking a ton of water.

I was really hungry before lunch.  I ate late too.  We like to make a big batch of the Asian Turkey Wraps and eat them all weekend so you'll be likely seeing those a lot this weekend.  We added an extra bag of broccoli slaw and water chestnuts to them this time so that reduced the calories even more.  Yea!! 

I was planning to have a bowl of 100 calorie popcorn but when I got the kids some ice cream, I had more than I should have so out goes the popcorn. I'm not hungry so that's okay.  I estimated high on most of the things here so there is a good chance I came in lower in calories.
Salsa Egg Bagel = 195 calories (bagel thin, egg beaters, salsa)
Chocolate Vitatop = 100
2 Asian Turkey Wraps = 430 calories
Sicilian Meatloaf w/ BBQ sauce = 350 calories
3 Zucchini Fritters = 225 calories
Ice Cream = 100 calories

Total calories = 1400 calories

I feel like I have been posting depressing things about my dieting since I've started this blog.  Or at least I FEEL depressed usually when writing about it. I often think,

"I so can't tell anybody how many pretzels, or handfuls of cereal and other random unaccountable junk I ate today!"

I don't WANT anyone to know when I do that!!!  So when I fess up, I feel depressed.  "Having" to write it out has helped so much.  Tonight I was almost excited to write this post up. I was PROUD of what I ate.  I certainly hope this sticks around for awhile!


  1. I am proud of you too Deb! You had a totally awesome day! Good girl!

    I didn't do so good. It's after 9pm and I haven't eaten yet, and I am dreading eating. And tomorrow I am shooting a wedding and I will HAVE to eat beforehand or I will get sick and I just don't know how I am going to do it.

    Those words coming from the mouth of a lifelong binger are just bizarre...

  2. Don't get depressed! The thing is, you aren't alone. Every single one of us has done this. This is the whole point of this journey that we are one. It's a journey of learning. We are all in this together... to cheer and encourage each other on.

  3. I'm glad to see you're drinking more water. Great food choices, too.

    We can do this. We can.

  4. This is so wonderful to hear! Great job, sweetie! I am proud of you too. :)

  5. On my end it says you are following so I dunno what happened either! I thought you were here with me too. (lol that sounds weird, but for some reason I just picture myself in a room babbling to a bunch of people when I blog)

    I'm posting in the diet forum on craig's list for help finding something to eat today before work. It's not even a conscious thing, Deb. The thought of eating just makes me sick. And when I do eat, I physically DO feel sick. I just don't feel good. And the panic attacks I'm starting to have aren't helping either. :(

  6. You did wonderfully. It does feel so good to keep on track the full day. It is so hard but oh so worth it.
    Keep up the great work. I'm proud of you Deb.
    Take care and have a blessed Sunday!

  7. awesome job on the eats for the day! i get nervous too about how much/how little i eat sometimes.. when i get depressed i'll go thru days where i hardly eat anything, then i go thru the days where im eating everything but my arm.. endless cycle, balance is HARD!!!!
    but, maybe as long as it balances at the end of the week, that should be fine right?? lol


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