Friday, October 29, 2010

Fruits and Veggies

Fortunately, I love veggies.  Not as much as chips and pizza but I do like them. I've known many who just won't eat them. At all. 

My friends husband won't let anything green pass his lips unless it's lime sherbet.  Ugh, sorry, that doesn't count. 

So while I do love fruits and veggies, I know that it would be easier and better for me to eat more of them.  My snacks are usually a granola bar of some sort, sometimes yogurt. My goal is to snack on more veggies. 

Fortunately my KIDS enjoy veggies too! 

For the longest time, I would cut broccoli, carrots, cucumbers and celery and just leave them on a plate in the kitchen for the afternoon.  My kids are homeschooled so are home all day with me.  They are constantly hungry and asking for snacks.  By leaving this plate out, they munch on healthy snacks and aren't constantly bugging me about wanting to eat crackers all afternoon. 

I used to do this several times a week. For some reason, I got out of the habit and stopped for the last couple of months.  I still have the fruit basket on the counter with apples, bananas, oranges and whatever else is in season, but not as much the veggies.

Needless to say, the kids are driving me crazy asking me to eat constantly and I'm ending up throwing away veggies that don't get eaten in the frig.  What the heck?  That's stupid!

So, starting tomorrow, I'm going back to the veggie tray on the counter.  It's going to be SO much better for the whole family, I know it will!  Hopefully I will stop my habit of eating granola bars for snack too!

Are you getting your fruits and veggies? 


  1. I used to keep small "veggie trays" in the fridge for myself. At the beginning of the week (or whenever I found the time) I would chop my veggies and assemble mixed batches of them in small containers. When I wanted a snack I would just take the container from the fridge, add some dip and munch on the veggies. I, too, have gotten out of the habit. It's one I need to begin again.

  2. I'm not a veggie lover. I don't hate them, but I don't eat them. The key for me is getting them ready ahead of time. When I am hungry, it's much easier to rip open a bag of junk than to take the time to prepare something healthy. Thanks for the reminder. Veggies this week!!

  3. Good idea Debbi. I too use to do that for the kids. We have the fruit out but not the same as veggies. Next week sounds like a great week to do that.
    You are really doing good Deb. The thoughts are there, the actions are there, you'll get to where you want to be soon.
    I have daycare today so a busy day planned. Starts to early for a Saturday though, 5 am. UGH!!
    Take care and have a blessed and relaxing weekend.

  4. yum I love fruits and veggies

  5. I like the idea of snacking on veggies in that way....i love carrot sticks and a little lo-cal salad cream or celery. I eat plenty of fruit and veg, but the veg is always cooked in the steamer and i think i'd like to start eating more raw veg again...Good idea Debbi - i think i'll nick it. lol

  6. I like your idea of leaving the veggies out for everyone. Just like it's good to keep junk out of sight so it's out of mind, it's great to leave healthy stuff in sight so it's easy to remember! I've been having trouble getting my fruits and veggies in daily but I work during the day so I need to bring them with me. I don't always do that!

  7. I think I'll try it, too. Some carrots and celery at the front of the fridge with a little hummus or lite ranch.

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  9. That is exactly how my husband is. He eats nothing green. the only veggie he eats is a potato. Does that even count????????????????


  10. I've slacked a bit on veggies in the past couple weeks and need to get back to doing my usual morning prep. I like to fix myself a couple salads and then have those ready to go for later in the day. I like the idea of fixing a veggie tray for snacking!

    I can say that lately, with the bowls and bowls of cherry tomatoes in the kitchen ripening, at least I have been making good use of those for snacks. But I need more green veggies.

    Still a bowl of cherry toms came in handy as a snack while hubby and I watched football this morning. As did some Satsuma mandarins.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the reminder!

  11. I love veggies, but some veggies definitely do NOT love me! I figured out a good way to get more into my day was to eat them at breakfast. It sounds gross, but believe me a nice fresh tomato with salt and pepper alongside fresh spinach (baby spinach leaves) topped with a yummy omelet is sooo good. We used to buy veggies and end up throwing them away too -- finally I put my food down and just started eating them as snacks. Squash slices are great in the afternoon.


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