Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall 15 - Week 4

Sorry for the quick post, way too late and way too tired!  Just wanted to post results for the Fall 15.  Hey, if we make it the Fall 5, then I MIGHT have a chance.  Ha ha.

Holding steady, same numbers as last week.  Actually, surprised there wasn't more of a gain!! 

Start Weight 239.4

Current Weight: 239.8
Pounds to lose: 15.4


  1. Deb, you are going the wrong way!! Turn around... haha. Just keep plugging, you will find that right equation eventually and then it is a freeway of weight loss!

  2. Same numbers is much better than a gain, especially if you expected one!

  3. I am catching up on blog reading now that I am back from fall break. So this comment will cover the past few posts that you have done. First congrats on getting on that treadmill again and again. Sorry about the bum ankle-hope it heals, too. Sounds like you lost some pounds, too. Good for you.

    One of the things I do (did) to get my family to eat more veggies is half humus in the fridge. It is marvelously healthy, low in calories, and a great "dip."

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and supporting my own efforts with your comments. I appreciate them! Michele

  4. You know, the Fall 15 seemed kind of ambitious. Perhaps it would be better to go for a Fall 5 for yourself and know that you actually could succeed if you buckled down and just did it.

    One of my past issues is that I'd set up big loss goals for myself, even if I didn't post about them, but they'd kind of just prey on my mind as being impossible to really do. And when you are believing that, you don't work towards a goal. Or at least I didn't.

    I'm currently focusing on just the simple one pound a week. Something I know I can do. It does vary, some folks like big goals and tough challenges and find that more motivating, but some of us do much better if we don't try to force the scale issue too far and simply focus on the things that promote losses. Getting exercise in, keeping food in line.


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