Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Bites. Licks. Tastes. 

I'm realizing how much I used to do this.

I have 3 kids and I do daycare.  So I am constantly, and I mean constantly, dishing out food to kids.  Different times for breakfast, depending on who gets here when and when my kids wake up.  Morning snack.  Lunch.  Sometimes one thing for the daycare kids and something else for my kids.  More snacks.  Dinner. Often one thing for the hubs and kids and something else for me and my brother.  I told you, I am constantly dealing with food. 

So, the bad habit that I've gotten into is BLT's.  Handful of cereal, couple of pretzels, pizza crusts off kids' plates, open a bag of crackers and take a few.  Eat cheese while slicing it for the kids.  Steal a piece or 2 of garlic bread that I wasn't planning on eating.  You get the point. 

This is adding up to hundreds and hundreds of calories.  I know it is. Any one thing isn't TOO bad but when you add it up, I know that I've been taking in way more calories than planned. 

Now that I am back on track writing things down, I am abstaining from the BLT's. I just opened a bag of pretzels and thought to take a couple and thought "Do I want to write that down?"  I didn't so I didn't have any.  I just made the family spaghetti and resisted the garlic bread and resisted the noodles. My one son likes his with just butter, garlic and parmesan cheese and it is SOOOOO good that way that I usually have a couple of bites or whatever he had leftover.  I didn't today. 

I ate my leftover Chicken Chickpea soup as planned and enjoyed it.  Actually, I found that the soup tasted even better than yesterday.  There is only a small amount of bacon in it but the flavor came out really good! 

Today's Eats!

Eggs & ham = 120 calories
Yogurt = 100 calories
Salad = 120 calories
Chipotle Bean Burger with sour cream = 230 calories
Banana = 85 calories
Blue Bran Vitatop = 100 calories
2 cups Chicken Chickpea Soup = 460 calories

Total calories = 1215 calories
Total water = more than 140 oz.  

Staying on track for calories and drinking plenty of water. Interestingly, my hands are getting super dry.  I would have thought that with all the water I'm drinking that I would be seeping through the pores!  It might be because I wash them A LOT.  Annoying though. 


  1. Hey, I used to BLT all the time too! Couldn't seem to stop myself, even when making dinner I'd be noshing. Sometimes I'd have eaten a dinner's worth of food just while cooking! When I started the Beck Diet book, one of the things the author suggested was making a rule to not eat while standing up. I adopted it, and it's helped tremendously! I often catch myself reaching for food put out on the snack table at work but then remind myself I can't just pop it in my mouth and keep walking -- gotta sit down. Your food is so mouthwatering, by the way. Makes me wish I had time to cook!

  2. When I did daycare, yeah, the mornings were all different but I got on track with the next meals (usually lunch, then snack). And I did a LOT of what I call "snack meals" ... dried peas, baby carrots, finger fruit like blueberries, cheese cubes. Yeah, it takes time to write it down but if you make a plate of your own then take a quick pic, you can remember it accurately later. You're doing good. Keep it up! Vee at

  3. OH I so understand about the BLT's. It's hard not to take a bite of something here and there. Dinner is the worst for me. Good for you for not giving in!

  4. You're doing amazing with this!! BLTs are something I still have to consciously avoid, but it does get easier! I like the "no eating unless sitting down" rule, may adopt that!


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