Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookies, Appetizers, & Cake Oh MY!

We always seem to go to Costco on Sundays.  I feed like 14 people here so we go through an enormous amount food.  I usually go and estimate 25 - 30 calories per sample and come out of there with about 200 calories under my belt.  Today they were clearly putting out samples trying to woo people to buy their goodies for the Christmas festivities.  Here's what they had:

Ritz cracker with cream cheese and some spread
3 bean salad
Chicken soup
Cherry biscotti
Fruit and veggie smoothie
Shortbread cookie with a chocolate kiss
About 6 different kinds of flavored popcorn
Bacon Quiche
Spinach Quiche
Crescent Rolls
White Cheddar cheese
Chips with salsa
Chips with hummus
Tortilla soup
A bunch of different christmas cookies

I'm probably forgetting a bunch more too.  It was insane.  Now, I didn't eat all of them and a lot that I did take, I split with my daughter. So we each had half a bacon mini quiche, we each had half of the half of crescent roll.  I had 2 kinds of popcorn, only like 5 pieces of popped corn in each thing but they were GOOD. The best was the shortbread cookie with the chocolate kiss.  I ate that whole baby, yes I did.  It was tiny but I'm sure it packed in 100 - 150 calories just for the cookie!

So, moral of the story, I ate lunch at Costco with just samples. I drank my water along the way, shopped and munched. I estimated it as about 450 calories, that probably is high as I avoided too much of the sugary samples (except the cookie), but I know I was hungry going in and full going out! 

Today's Eats
Eggs & Ham = 120
Yogurt = 100
Costco Samples = 450
Apple Pie Pork Chops = 550

Total = 1220 calories

The apple pie pork chops in the slow cooker that I came home to, were AMAZING!  It was like more dessert for dinner!  I subbed the sugar for splenda and doubled the recipe.  I totally recommend it!


  1. How are you feeling, Debbi? Even if the symtpoms subsided, please see an M.D. This time of year, pneumonia is a possibility, and can sometimes come across as "not that bad." Get checked out, and antibiotics if needed. That is something that can sneak up on a person, with sometimes devastating results.

    I don't know if I could risk the temptations of holiday store samples, but you sound like you went about it ina thoughtful way, accounting for the calories. Well done!

    That pork dish sounds VERY good! Slow cooker recipes, in the winter especially, are fantastic!

    I hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!

  2. Yes, I was wondering the same thing as Ann... how are you feeling? You said you were going to the ER to get checked out. I hope that went well.

    It's probably the bargain hunter in me, but it's kind of fun when we occasionally go to Costco, and we just plan on "doing lunch at Costco". Even though I don't do sugar, there is usually stuff there I can have fun trying out. Kind of like a free lunch... until you get to the checkout, that is!

    My hubby has nicknamed Costco "The hundred-dollar store"! ;-)
    Doesn't matter what he goes in for... he usually comes out having spent a hundred bucks! EEK!


  3. I was already sad we don't have a Costco in our area, and now I'm even more so! Those samples sound really good and it's pretty cool you could basically eat a free dinner while shopping! Good for you for staying on top of your calories and not overeating, even when sampling so many things. Yay!


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