Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hot 100 Update 10

I seriously meant to write something of substance.  I've had things milling around in my brain and have even jotted down some notes. But here I find myself falling asleep at the computer once again, just trying to get everything done before going to bed. 

My kids and I have been reading a lot at night.  I homeschool all 3 of them and there is a lot of reading.  Hard reading.  They are good readers but it helps us all if we read some of it together. I enjoy reading and learning what they are doing and I know it helps their understanding if we read and discuss it together. So my daughter and I just finished reading a play about Greek gods and goddesses that was sorta dumb and before that I read 2 history lessons with my oldest son and daughter.  I'm tired and worn out.  I can't engage my brain into much else.

I wanted to do an update for the Hot 100 though.  Not much has changed.  I went to the doctor and all my numbers and tests are fine.  I told him about this headache that I've had for like 2 weeks but didn't want any pills for it. I hate taking pills, so I'll deal with it. For now.

Goals? Posting - Just keeping up on the Hot 100, I was hoping to be keeping up much more.

Tracking - I'm still posting recipes on my food blog and calculating calories for dinners and often I have leftovers for lunch so I am aware of how many calories I am eating. Not entirely happy with how many granola bars I'm eating for snack or all the second helpings I'm taking. 

Exercise - I told my doctor that I am still trying to come up with a regular plan.  I'm still doing what I call weenie exercises, which is better than nothing but I so, so, so am determined to do more.  Someday. 

I know, I need to lose the SOMEDAY attitude.  It's never going to be a better time than now. I know this. Yet, it's just not happening.

I am weighing in monthly now. Not that the number has really changed much over the last 6 months.  Grr. 


  1. I pushed off someday, too, for many years. I write about it in a couple of older posts that you can find here:

    I hope that your someday will come sooner than mine at 56. You are worth these efforts, Debbie. I know you are involved inn mothering, homeschooling and many other things. Who will care for your children when you are dealing with your own health issues while you wait for someday? A tough question, but, an important one.

  2. Oh - weenie exercise - I can relate! Now that my outdoor biking season is over I have been a weenie on the elliptical. I should be getting back to indoor cycling class. So hard to get out of the house in the mornings:(

    I love that you read with your kids.

  3. I don't know how you do all you do!
    I must tell you that I do have more energy when I exercise.

    I know it sounds counter to what you would think but it does increase my stamina and my energy level.

    Plus losing some extra pounds helps because it takes less energy to move our body when we weigh less.

    I like that you haven't given up and are still in the game!

  4. It takes a special type of person to home school your children. I don't care what people say.

    I agree with Tami though. Once you start exercising you will have more energy through the day. It's very weird.

    Just keep trying. That's all you can do!

  5. First, I'm in awe of all you do for your kids! Idk if I would be a good sahm, much less doing the home schooling and all the cooking you do. There are so many days I come home from work and just want to veg out once dinner, hw, and all the night duties are done but when I force myself to work out- even if it's just 15 minutes- I feel better and have more energy. You deserve time to focus on you, and like Michelle said- your kids will benefit from it too! Maybe take just 10 minutes in the morning for basic stuff like crunches or something you enjoy? And then keep building on it weekly? If a chore has to be skipped or delegated to someone else- it's worth it!! Sending hugs!

  6. You've already said just what I'd tell you...there's never a better time than now. But I so get the exhaustion - my brain would be mush after one of your days too!

  7. How about incorporating a little exercise time in your school plan? Tell the kids to get a partner, and do some situps, squats, pushups, crunches, etc. Maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 10 more in the afternoon?

  8. Good afternoon Debbi. Thanks for stopping by. I am putting my head down and getting it done. It has to be, I've come to far to just relax now. Then next year....well we'll see about that.
    Keep doing the best you can Debbi, I know it's hard to find time to do it all. Keep those recipes coming too. I love them.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon!

  9. Just keep going, Debbi, just keep going! And never ever EVER give up!! As long as you keep moving forward, sooner or later you are going to get your mojo back. Good luck for the week!


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