Monday, December 20, 2010

Looooooong Day!

I'm certainly not going to gripe about my annoying day, I know everyone is going through stress.  Everyone has busy lives so mine certainly isn't that unusual.  It's funny where our minds go when we are angry or stressed. Food. 

As you might know, I homeschool my kids and do daycare. Well today the middle child and I were on opposite sides of the fence and well, lets just say, it wasn't pretty. I stormed into the kitchen and just wanted to grab pretzels to eat.  I didn't. Then I opened the refrigerator without even thinking.  I didn't succumb to anything bad, I DO feel like I am in control enough not to.  But, why do we do this?  Will this EVER go away?  Even if I do make my goal and start maintaining.  Will I still keep opening the refrigerator every time I get frustrated?  I don't want the refrigerator to become my hiding place. Not that I could fit my big butt in there, even if I tried. :-)


Today's Eats

Oatmeal = 120
Yogurt with Blueberries = 120
Salad = 120
Leftover Chicken with apples = 250 (it was soggy and kinda gross so I doubt I even had this many calories)
Pumpkin Pasta with Bacon = 600 calories (I ate a portion and 1/2, it was SOOOOO good!)

Total = 1210 calories
Water = Lots and lots!


  1. I've been wondering the same thing lately.. will we always have to monitor our emotional eating habits? Will it get easier? Will I always need to track calories?

    Won't know until we get there I suppose. And if we do, it's a price I'll gladly pay!

  2. I wonder the same thing. I really have to find something to take the place of the panacea that food is.

  3. Long-held habits die hard. They are almost instinctive, if we've had them long enough. You were on semi-auto-pilot, but YOU REMAINED IN CONTROL !!! THAT was an awesome NSV ... Congratulations!!


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