Friday, December 24, 2010


I used to hate socks.  I seriously felt claustrophobic wearing socks. I would get SO hot! I even hated wearing boots. I used to be a flip flop gal. Even in winter. No joke.  I was also over 300 lbs. and eating whatever I wanted to.  That was apparently enough fuel to warm my body. 

Now. I can't go a day without socks and I am STILL cold!  I used to have one blanket on my bed, now I have 4. I just added the 4th last night as it takes me FOREVER to warm up. And we don't keep our house unusually cold or anything. It's just I'm now eating less calories and have less padding. 

Today's Eats -

Yogurt = 100
Chicken Chickpea Soup = 230
Salad = 120
Hashbrowns = 200
2 Turkey broccoli wraps = 450
Apple Cheesecake - 175

Total = 1275

I made an apple cheesecake for my brother today. He exercises a LOT and is a runner so his food of choice lately is cheesecake.  It would be mine too if I was skinny with an extra 3600 calories to burn.  There have been so many sales on cream cheese lately he's been buying a bunch.  I took that as a cue that he wanted me to make him another cheesecake. I made him a pumpkin cheesecake last month, ate one piece and he ate the rest. Plus, he has some frozen in the freezer downstairs. Today, I made him an apple cheesecake, I took a small piece and he will proceed to devour the rest over the next week. 


  1. Merry Christmas, Debbi ... Enjoy the weekend, and time with your family!

  2. I used to mock the people who were always complaining about being cold. Now I am one of them. Its amazing what shedding the fat can do for your tolerance of the cooler temps.

    I wear socks to bed every night, even in summer.
    And I live in Houston! Our summers are no freaking joke.

  3. Good job on eating only one piece of cheesecake. You are a better woman than I. Merry Christmas.

  4. I've been one of those "cold" people for years! And I used to live in SE TX. Now I'm in a northern clime, so it's worse, 'cuz it actually is cold outside!

    The funny thing, weird actually, is that it is less of an issue this year. I mean normally, I am constantly turning up the thermostat during winter, and hubby starts mentioning the natural gas bill, but I really haven't been doing that this winter and he's been quiet about the bill. I don't know what the deal is. I'm not feeling hot flashes very often at all, so it's not that. Unless menopause has just generally made me warmer?

    My hands though, boy they get cold quick outside! I start to show the first signs of frostbite on my fingers really fast. Yet my feet are rarely cold. I go around in some wool felt clogs, no socks, sometimes my feet feel hot in those. I cannot wear warm slippers, my feet will start to swelter every time!

    At any rate, you are doing great! Keep up the good work!

    As for blankets, a year or so ago, we got a Select Comfort True Silver blanket. And I LOVE it! It's lightweight and it does seem to work in both summer and winter. I stay very comfortable under it and so does hubby (He is always warm where I am always cold, so that's impressive!) We don't have a Select Comfort bed either... but we sure like the blanket!


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