Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amish Bread

Today I made more amish bread. Ya, this stuff is way more like cake. I usually make 2 pans of it.  I give one away and the family usually just eats one.  I had one small piece. I figure if I am cooking and putting things on my blog, I certainly should taste it. It was good but not one of my favorites.  So it isn't "calling" me to want more. 

It's still annoying to me that yesterday was cheesecake and today is amish cake.  2 days of sweets when I have been so good avoiding them. The main reason I want to avoid them is it just isn't a good use of 250 calories.  I'm guessing it was less than that actually but I'd rather estimate high.  For 250 calories I could have eaten 2 1/2 yogurts.  Or a cup and 1/2 of chili.  Or 1 cup of turkey broccoli mixture without the tortillas. Or an entire turkey sandwich. All of which I have in the frig and all of which would have filled me up WAYYYYY more than the tiny piece of cake.  It's no big deal, it's not like I'm overly hungry but if I am to stick to this 1200 calorie thing for a duration, I need to make the most of my calories.

Today's Eats:

Key Lime Yogurt = 100
1 cup Pumpkin Chili = 180
1 piece of bacon = 45
Salad with ranch dressing - 120
Orange Amish Bread = 250
Chow Mein = 360 (I used less chicken so it's less calories than my site says)
Popcorn = 100

Total = 1155 calories
Lots and lots of water

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