Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cookbook Giveaway

Skinny Emmie is giving away 2 Rocco DiSpirito cookbooks, Now Eat This!  This chick knows how to lose weight!  She's been doing awesome!

Today's Eats:
Vitatop = 100
Bagel thin w/cheese & egg beaters = 175
2 Vitatops = 100
Salad = 120
2 mini turkey w/mayo sandwiches = 300
Yogurt w/blueberries = 125
Carrots = 50
Chicken salad w/dressing = 200

Total = 970

For some reason, I woke up like 3 hours earlier than usual and just couldn't fall back asleep. I also woke up super hungry!  So I ate more for breakfast than I usually do.  I need to work on how much bread I'm eating.  I've been eating way too much of it lately, I've noticed.  Much of it is whole wheat but not all of it.

My menu that I created for the week (on my other blog) went right out the window this week. I have not had time to cook at all.  I wasn't super hungry for dinner as I munched a lot throughout the day so I just had a salad with a bit of chicken on it. 


  1. Breakfast is turning into one of my bigger meals lately too- gives you all day to work some of it off though!

  2. I just wanted to start by saying I love your blog. I added a link to it from mine. I'll try and visit daily! As for breakfast, I'm trying to make it one of my bigger meals of the day, and make healthy choices. Cheers!


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