Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 16 of 120

Smoothies have been the latest hit around the house this week.  I've never made smoothies before. I've made malts and shakes with ice cream but nothing remotely healthy.  I just bought a decent food processor/blender about a month ago too. 

I just used lowfat vanilla yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and banana and ice.  The kids love them.  It's been dessert the last 3 nights.  Spent a fortune on fresh fruit but it's been fun.  I'm going to Costco and getting a huge bag of frozen fruit.  A bit easier on the budget. I also want to start adding things to healthify them even more.  Protein powder?  Flax seeds?  Not sure yet but I'll figure it out.  Let me know your ideas.  You're dealing with a smoothie novice here! 

Breakfast = 200
Lunch = 200
Snack = 150
Dinner = 450
Snack = 100

Total = 1100


  1. We do use protein powder. I have also added flax oil to ours. Even fresh spinach disappears when we blend it with fruit and chocolate protein powder.

    My daughter's favorite smoothie is milk, banana, vanilla protein powder, cocoa powder, and a handful of fresh spinach. And never use cooked or frozen spinach. I found that out the hard way. Yuck!

    I love smoothies! Yay for starting them at your house!

  2. Never added protein powder, but my sister-in-law does. It does add to the calories. We use frozen bananas. You can find them marked down sometimes and I put them straight into the freezer. Perfect smoothie material!!! Try adding fresh mint too. It's a nice fresh tasting smoothie.

  3. Thanks, Debbi, for taking on the smoothie. I don't like them, and have never liked them, but if you come up with one that tastes good, is low in calories, and isn't too fruity, I will jump on it with both feet. Anxiously awaiting the smoothie recipe!

  4. My kids LOVE smoothies! I've posted a few recipes on my blog for ones they like. I add flax to them but my daughter will not drink them with protein powder for some reason. I sneak veggies in too....cooked carrots and spinach are easy to hide!!

  5. I LOVE chocolate protein powder and blueberries, or chocolate and bananas. YUM!!

  6. Spinach is pretty innocuous added to a smoothie and can really help people get their veggies in. Baby carrots also can work.

    Protein powder is helpful in terms of staying full. You can also use cottage cheese instead of yogurt for a protein boost!

    Any raw nuts are great, they do add calories, but the healthy fats and fiber can't be beat.

    Lemon flavored fish oil! It's a great way to get your fish oils in. Flax oil or flax seeds are also good additions.

    If you are doing something chocolate with your smoothie, a few grams of raw cacao nibs can be nice.

    Another way to up health quotient is to use green tea as your smoothie liquid! The great thing about smoothies is all the variety you can get. Don't forget good for you spices like cinnamon either!

    Sometimes I toss in a couple tablespoons of oats. Canned pumpkin can also make nice smoothies and I'd bet other cooked winter squashes could work as well.


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