Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 19 of 120

This is my new favorite dressing.  Paula Deen Peach Dressing. 

It's only 15 calories for 2 tablespoons.  Amazing that it's from Paula Deen!  Interestingly, it's not even labeled as a light dressing. I was SHOCKED when I saw the stats.

Here's the funny part, it just showed up in my refrigerator.  Seriously. I don't remember buying it. I might have won it in a giveaway, I just don't remember. I found it, it had about 1/2 cup missing out of it so clearly I had used it. Hubs and brother claim they didn't put it there. Scary that I wouldn't remember it.  Even more scary that I found something in my frig and used it!  I'm sure I am just getting old and forgot. 

Anyways, it's amazing.  I looked for it at our local grocery store. It wasn't there. I looked online, and didn't see it.  I had a hard time finding it. I finally found it at Walmart, not the first Walmart by us, but another one. So I hope you are able to find it, it's delicious! 

Breakfast - 200
Snack - 100
Lunch - 450
Snack - 100
Dinner - 225
Total = 1075 calories


  1. Is it really peachy? It sounds interesting, but I'm not a peach type person. Thought I would give it a try. Especially for 15 calories!

  2. Paule Deen makes something healthy?!?! I'm in shock! I'll definitely be telling my mom- she cooks like she thinks she's Paula, LOL! Mom's starting to diet with me this weekend though, so those days are over! :P


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