Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 8 of 120

I had a whole post thought out but then never wrote it.  I often spend Monday nights reading with the kids.  Hubs works so it's a good evening to get ahead in school.  So we just read a few chapters of a literature book, The Sign of the Beaver. Luckily it's one that we can all read together. Then we did some bible study and the kids are off to bed. I'm so ready for bed too. 

Calories came in really low. I ate a late lunch and was super hungry when I ate it.  I was still hungry and ate a big banana and that surprisingly really filled me up. Dinner was awesome, I meant to have another portion or at least a snack of some sort but I just haven't been hungry.  So I guess I'm done. 

Breakfast = 150
Lunch = 375
Snack = 150
Dinner = 250
Total = 925 calories

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