Friday, February 4, 2011

Stupid Cake - Friday, February 4

I had pretty much the same salad as yesterday, lower calorie dressing but added ham. I love a good salad!

Dinner was excellent!  A healthy taco casserole that I paired with homemade whole wheat tortilla chips.  I went over on calories a bit as I was too hungry before dinner and had a vitatop. 
Ok, so I wrote that after dinner, not thinking that I was going to eat anymore. I would have been at 1310 calories.  Then what did I do?  I was photographing some amaretto banana bread cake I made and decided to have a piece.  No thought about calories or whether I should or should not have it. No emotion. I just did it. Stupid.  I should have at least made the amaretto icing first and had a REALLY good piece!  The comical thing is, I even weighed it. I haven't figured out the calories on the whole cake yet, I'll do that tomorrow so I'll update the calorie amount tomorrow correctly, I estimate about 300 tops though.  Still stupid. 
Today's Eats:

Bagel thin, egg beaters, laughing cow cheese, turkey bacon = 210
Yogurt = 100
Salad; ham, chickpeas, apples, craisins = 400
Vitatop = 100
La Bamba Casserole & homemade tortilla chips = 500
Amaretto Banana Bread Cake - 300

Total: 1610 calories


  1. I had this same day yesterday! Used my calories frivolously early without thought while emotional, and then I was stuck hungry with no leeway. :(

  2. Deb, I so am not the enabler type. And I obviously don't have special insight to your inner demons. But in reading this post, I just think maybe you are being a bit to rough on yourself. I will be honest, 1610 calories has got to be considerably less than you had before you got smart enough to stop eating all you want. I mean at one point, it looks like you were 325 pounds! So yeah, rather than look at it as an oh crap! maybe you should say wow, only one piece! Think how I would have wrecked that thing before!! Now obviously, I see where you could be concerned if you consistently had to say that, but I mean it was one incident. As long as you space those out over a month or more, I just don't think you have to beat yourself up. IMHO.

  3. That is me, I go into my Gremlin coma and before I wake up I am choking down whatever isn't nailed down. Mindless. So I can't have anything yummy like that within arms reach, or it would be HISTORY. At least the icing didn't add to it, right?

    Polar's Mom

  4. I second Shane's comment!! You never have a "whoops!" eating day- don't beat yourself up over one snack. You're doing great!


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