Sunday, February 6, 2011

T Minus 1 for Phase 5/Plus Size Bloggers

So Phase 4 got nixed and we're jumping straight on to Phase 5. Call it what you will, it's 1200 calories, water galore and regular exercise.  I can do that.  Allan's offering free advice, a free weight loss plan and free council and support.  Can't argue with that.  Now he's offering prizes. Awesome prizes.  Like losing a ton of weight isn't prize enough.  Very cool, indeed. 

I have also entered Plus Size Bloggers challenge to lose 10 lbs in a month.  According to Allans prediction, this should be a snap.  Sadly, thus far I haven't lived up to his or my expectations but I'm going to give it my all this month and for many more.  Until long after the challenges are over and I've reached my goal. 

So here is the official Weigh In for both challenges. I seriously can't believe my evil scale.   I'd love to blame it on something but there just is nothing to blame.  Maybe the scale is on strike?  Ya, that must be it.

No, I won't be getting the award for the prettiest toes, that's for sure.  But, really? Does anyone have pretty toes?  Seriously though, that number ticked me off.  I've been hovering in the 227's all week, getting lower and lower. I thought for SURE I'd hit 226 today.  Grrr. 


Today's Eats:
Breakfast = 250
Snack = 210
Lunch = 300
Snack = 100
Dinner = 350

Total = 1210


  1. Well, I used to have amazing feet with beeeeyooootiful toes. I mean, i once drove a foot fetishist at some bar mad with my feet. :) And had another foot fetishist friend (in my younger days) wax rhapsodic. BUT...being older now and having been obese for ages...that takes a toll on the tootsies.

    But hubby likes them and kisses them and tells me my toes are pretty. And I like them, even flawed by age and obesity. Yeah, I kinda like my toes. :D

    But I wish I had the inspiring hands and feeet of my youth (seems like pretty feet and hands go together). I never had a beautiful face or beautiful figure, so i used to enjoy having pretty hands/feet.

    Here's to a new challenge, new week, and you breaking through your barrier.

    We're close in weight! Let's kick the fat togehter, 10 lbs at a time!

  2. Good luck on both Challenge, Debbi. I'm excited for all of us and am glad to be finally starting on phase 5. :)

  3. I just figured out your other blog! Okay, I have to tell you there are some sisters in North Carolina who started a private group on FB for us mommies who are trying to exercise and lose weight. You and I are pretty much the same weight. I started at 229 and down to 224 Friday morning. This morning it was up to 226. Oh well, I didn't exercise over the weekend. I'm trying to count calories and it's HARD! I'll be checking in on here to see how you do. Let me know if you want to join the group and I'll send you info through gmail. Looking forward to progress. I've got 50 lbs goal by December 31 2011. Realistic I think :)

  4. I feel you, girl! That seems to happen a lot--seeing the scale go down down down only to spike on weigh-in day! But it all evens out in the end. You're doing your eating, water, and excercise right so the scale will move in the right direction. patience, my dear. :) BTW, your toes are much prettier than mine! I used to complain that my big toes look like in the cartoons when someone's toe gets smashed and it grows giant-sized and throbs red. Except they're always that big--haha!

  5. Just hopping around checking out peoples posts from last week as I get ready to post this week's weigh in post.
    After being thoroughly discouraged because of weight fluctuations when weighing in every day, I switched to once a week. Then I joined the Plus Size Bloggers challenge and had to start weighing twice a week because the other weigh in is on Wednesday over at Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans power of one challenge.
    At one point I was doing 1200 calories a day on another program years ago and drinking lots of water. I was losing weight on that program. Then I sort of stopped losing weight, started having babies. Now I am trying to lose everything I lost before and baby weight and weight gained since having the babies. I am nursing so I can't restrict so much, though since I started eating better I think my milk production improved and I am losing weight.
    Hoping you had a good week and that scale moved for you.


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