Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 38 of 120

Hey, Melanie over at I'm No Chef is giving away a popcorn maker.  Popcorn is one of the best snacks when you are dieting, I love it.  Here's the facebook link too.

Not much of an appetite tonight. I doubt I even ate this many calories, I was just rounding up.  I don't feel any worse, I just don't want to eat.  I ate a salad for lunch that I wasn't really hungry for. 

I just read that one of the challengers in Allan's challenge dropped out.  This one is particularly sad to me as she seems to be going through similar issues as me.  She's in pain.  I do believe that she is more pain than I am as I have not seen a doctor.  But she is letting the pain dictate some choices for her. Her eating choices.  I have had the headache from heck doing the same thing for me.  When my head is hurting, I don't care what I eat.  I don't feel like weighing and measuring and counting calories.  That's bad.  I found myself with a sleeve of ritz crackers, peanut butter and some awesome tasting jelly.  I ate 6 before I realized what I was doing. Then ate one more rationalizing that I had already eaten 6 so why not one more.  Then I sorta made up for it that evening but not really.  Saturday was the worst. I'm not admitting to anyone, even myself what happened on Saturday. 

So all in all, I had about 2 - 3 bad days.  But as of Sunday, the scale had not budged in weeks.  I was discouraged.  All these weeks of counting calories, measuring, coping with this headache and nothing was happening on the scale.  Several times, I really had that "screw it!" attitude.  Luckily I got myself together on Sunday morning and it's been super since.  Well, the lack of appetite with the cold helped, but it's not like that ever worked in my favor before. 

So as I said, I am sad for this challenger.  I fear her week or so of bad choices could be dictating her future.  I thought a couple times last week "I should leave the challenge."  But where would that get me?  I wasn't really serious about it but pain will do that to you, it messes with your mind.  It makes you do things and think things that you wouldn't ordinarily do.  Gosh, I hope I'm wrong about her, I just know that if I quit, that would be like giving me free access to the Ritz crackers and peanut butter again.   

Breakfast - 225
Lunch - 200
Snack - 150
Dinner - 300
Total 875


  1. I know what you mean. I woke up Saturday morning and felt really good! I stretched and turned my neck...then oh my goodness!! The pain! I couldn't turn my head to the right at all! It is getting better but still really sore!! It was really hard to focus on my eating and not give in to the pain because it would just be easier to give in and eat pre-made junk or fast food. I didn't, I stuck to it and feel better for it.

    I hope you get over your cold quickly!!

  2. Hope you start to feel better tomorrow. :) I understand about pain getting to you. With Lupus I have lots of pain all the time. I have found that I feel worse and stress more when I don't eat right. That just makes it worse for me. So measuring and counting calories keeps the stress away for me. Plus when I gave up high fructose corn syrup I started feeling TONS better. Half as much pain!!

    Hope that challenger and you feel better real soon.

    Thanks for passing on the info about my giveaway. :)


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