Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Plus Size Bloggers - March 1

Ok, so Plus Size Bloggers has a new challenge.  Record and find the difference in the number of inches in a month.  Yikes.  I have NEVER taken measurements before.  I wasn't even sure I did it right.  I did it once and then again just to make sure I was doing it in the right place.  They seemed consistent.  Seems to me that in only one month, it will be hard to determine a half inch or so.  We'll see.  I'm just doing it for fun.  I have several shirts that I was able to fit into this weekend.  That is proof enough that inches are going away. 

■Neck = 14.25

■Upper Arm Left  = 15.0

■Upper Arm Right = 15.0

■Chest = 48

■Waist = 52

■Abdomen = 45

■Buttocks (6″below waist) = 54

■Upper Thigh left = 23

■Upper Thigh right = 23

■Calf left = 18

■Calf right = 17

■Upper Knee left = 19.5

■Upper Knee right = 19.5

■Total Inches = 363.5


  1. I had to chuckle a little at the "total inches" think. I've never added mine together, and I don't want to! LOL! It looks so much scarier all added together. Not related, but I was thinking about your total calories you eat a day. My understanding is you shouldn't go below 1200 but you usually eat less than that and I'm wondering if that may be to blame for your plateua recently. Eating too few calories can make our bodies start using less calories which result in lower energy and reduced metabolism. You might want to rejuvenate your metabolism by having a 1500 calorie day or two and going back to 1200. I'm not an expert, just my opinion.

  2. I have measured some areas before, but not all of this. I have always only measured my left side, figured it would give me a general idea. I also wasn't sure if I measured everything correctly. Guess we just have to be consistent and measure ourselves the same way each time. I do think a month will show a difference. I have kept track for a while now, even though I lost the paper and just this last few weeks there was enough difference to get me excited.
    Looks like our measurements are similar.

  3. It's always better to have someone else measure you. My friend, Tammy and I measured each other at the beginning of Feb and plan to check it once a month. Find someone that you are completely comfortable with and it makes it easier.


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