Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 62 of 120

Look what I've been getting in the mail!  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!! 

First, Kel from Between the Lines sent me a gift certificate for Choc Create.  You can create your own chocolate bar.  If nothing else, it's FUN. They have hundreds of different toppings for your chocolate bar, including gold flakes!  I let my kids each create a bar of chocolate. I must say, they spent a LOT of time deciding which topping to get. 

My friend Christy from Fudge Ripple was kind enough to send us a dozen of these chocolate walnut brownies just for donating to the relief effort in Japan.  How sweet is that!!  We all enjoyed this dessert!  Yes, I did sneak a tiny bite. 

To my kids' delight, we won 2 boxes of girl scout cookies.  Nothing against the girl scouts but I don't buy these. At. All.  So my kids and husband were thrilled with these 2 boxes thanks to Wendy from Around My Family Table.

While we're on the chocolate theme.  Look what I had for dinner one day a few week ago. Chocolate hummus. It might not have been exactly plan food but hey, it was hummus!  I used Splenda for the sugar and very little oil so it really wasn't that bad.  Store bought hummus had WAY more calories!  My kids helped eat it so I wasn't left with the whole batch myself.  I made it with some homemade whole wheat tortilla chips with a bit of splenda/cinnamon sprinkled on them. Oh so good! 

Hopefully hummus will be on next week menu. I highly doubt Girl Scout cookies will be!  :-)

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  1. I love hummus. Garlic hummus. Lemony hummus. Olive hummus. Paprika hummus.

    But chocolate. Ick. ; )

    I wonder why people keep giving away gifts of crap Americans don't need. Seriously? What is our obsession with feeding others sugar and refined flour and trans fats, etc?

    We need to start giving away fresh fruit, frozen steaks, turkeys, vegetable baskets, and if it's chocolate, fruits dipped in the stuff, rather than huge bars of them.

    No wonder our nations is a big, fat, unhealthy one getting diabetes in epidemic proportions.

    Um, okay...I guess my button got pushed. Must be cause I used to adore Thin Mints (and keep two boxes in the freezer and treat myself to a couple every week, making the boxes last a long time).


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