Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 63 of 120

I love April.  Especially this April. Things are looking up, big time. 

1. I'm doing a volunteer work this month that I love, love, love.  It's given me energy and such fulfillment!  I am spiritually refreshed and rejuvenated. It doesn't matter how stinking early I have to get up in the morning, I'm able to tackle this work with enthusiasm.

2. The snow is gone and the weather is finally turning around.  The kids are SO excited for summer. We're already making plans for vacation, parties and the beach. 

3. I've had some issues with a friend that has left me quite depressed and hurt the last several months but have finally made peace with it.  The peace isn't with her but I have truly come to terms with it and I am now so much happier.
4. I no longer have a month long headache.  That was a killer. I don't know what it was from but it started when I began taking the supplement fish oil and stopped when I stopped taking it.  They say there are no side effects from it but who knows. I'm off the fish oil and the headache is gone.
5. I'm not COMPLETELY dreading buying a swimsuit. I'll be able to go down at least a size or two.  I'm at my lowest in weight that I've been in at least 20 years.  Still have a LOT to go but I'm encouraged and hopeful.

There certainly are stresses and other things going on but if I can just focus on these good things, I know it will turn out well.  Of course, they are predicting severe storms and tornado's tomorrow. That would certainly change things... 


  1. What a great post! You keep me motivated! Thanks so much for your support!!!

  2. It is always uplifting to live in the positives and not dwell in negatives. Have a great week and rest of April!


  3. "...I'm at my lowest in weight that I've been in at least 20 years..." Very well done on that debbie. Great post today. Concise and to the point, matter-of-fact and inspirational - sounds like healthier living is becoming more ingrained in your thinking and getting to goal weight is a matter of when rather than if.


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