Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 77 of 120

Ok, so not posting doesn't necessarily mean falling off the wagon.  Not that I have been doing great but I kinda made a decision not to post. Life is busy. I know that sounds lame, everyone is busy.  My busy-ness just keeps getting kicked up a notch all the time.  I'm happy though, but exhausted. And trying to spend time doing the more important things, so blogging gets left behind sometimes. 

By the end of the night, I hate feeling like I have to think of something to write about just to put up a blog post. So I just didn't.  If I have something enlightening to say, I'll post.  If I feel like complaining about the weather or something banal like that, I might post.

My other blog keeps me pretty busy as well. I'm way ahead on recipes and I just keep making more.  Funny, sometimes I don't really even eat what I make.  I've been cooking for my dad a lot and making things for the rest of the family while I eat something else.

That being said, I haven't been super focused on dieting. I don't know what changed. I'm certainly not binging or doing anything completely stupid, I just lost focus and have been struggling to get it back.  I need to get my head back into the game.  Summers coming and I need to lose this stomach. Amongst other things.  


  1. Post first thing. When you wake up, after you weigh-in. That way, you can simply use it to GET your head in the game and focus. To make a bloggy "here's what I WILL do today for health and weight loss". Even if it's a couple paragraphs to just set you for the day. It might get the mojo going.

    Happy Easter, sweetie.

  2. I understand the busyness. I'm pooped! I've sort of been feeling blah, but setting that goal of 13 pounds by July 22 District is weighing over my head. I'm hoping that goal will make me feel like I need to get back on the ball. Besides that, I'm doing a 5K with my friend Jodi on April 30. UGH! I'll be training all next week so maybe that will jump start something. Hopefully you'll figure it out too and we can get that goal before summers out. :)

  3. Sometimes my heart is not in it, either, but I try to stay on track, even if my focus is elsewhere. I always come back around to it eventually.

  4. Good luck on the phase 6 trial. I know you will do great!:)

  5. Has blogging every day been a factor in your success over the last couple months? If so, you might want to reprioritize (yes, you CAN put yourself first sometimes, and really should) and maybe cut back on some blog reading (I know that is hard, I follow many as well) instead of cutting back on something that really helps you. I need to start posting more myself, because when I used to do it more, I was more focused!


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