Sunday, May 22, 2011

Need Help?

It's easy to get fat by ourselves. We pretty much did it to ourselves. Granted, we might have been brought up in a not so healthy environment or we might have had obese parents who made junk for us to eat.  But really, are THEY to blame?  I didn't have someone forcing me to drive to the drive through to order multiple double cheeseburgers every day.  Nope, that was all me.  So it's pretty easy to get fat all by ourselves. No help needed.

Now, losing that weight, is another story.  Certainly we CAN do it ourselves. Ultimately it is our decisions and choices that will change our lives.  But isn't it so much easier when we have a support group?  That's why Weight Watchers and a bunch of other diet organizations are so popular, they offer support and guidance. 

Now, I've never been involved in Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or any other well known diet organization. I have fairly recently found the blogging community though. And I am finding it full of support and guidance.

I have found myself in a weak moment, ready to eat something I shouldn't or just depressed about what I did, and I'll turn on my computer and find a comment or a post on someone else's blog that just says what I needed to hear! 

When I started my weight loss blog, about a year ago, I wasn't initially looking for other people to help me. I viewed it as a tool to help me stay accountable and to visually record my results, positive or negative. I have since founds many invisible friends who help in different ways.  It's still ME who is ultimately responsible for what junk I put in my mouth. But it helps to know there are many others who are looking to do the same thing.  

Ready for the Slimmer This Summer Challenge? It starts in 2 weeks so we have plenty of time to write up our initial posts and goals.  Email me if you are looking to join this small band of bloggers getting together to make a summer change.  We're here to support one another!    


  1. I have found the blogging community helped me more than the things I've tried since I first saw a dietitian in 1989 (at age 29). I've seen THREE dietitians since then, and the last one was just to tweak the DDDY 1200 plan for my medical conditions and allergies. I've done WW like 5 times, never for more than a couple months. I did Nutrisystem back when it was newish. Bleh. I did assorted days or week of diets from books (South Beach, Atkins, Rotation Diet).

    This is the time it stuck. Part of it I think was having done a lot of self-examination and learning while blogging. Then the challenges started for me being serious things in June 2010...That first challenge taught me that the accountability of challenges WAS good for me and being able to do it at home was easy. Available 24/7 , not one or two meetings a week.

    They are helpful. I'm happy I decided to weight loss blog and make changes.

  2. The biggest thing for all of this is that we have to decide it time. No one can tell us, no one can make us and when we decide, thank God there are others out there doing the same thing, trhing to get as healthy as possible.
    We can do this together. No matter what part of this challege we are in, the beginings, middle, ends, maintainance together we can do it.
    Take care and have a blessed week. Lots of challenges ahead, lots of support around. Thank you Debbi.

  3. I agree. I have found reading the blogs to be really helpful, esp when I feel like eating something i shouldn't. I'm not great at writing on mine but i'm trying to get better at that and i have found the comments to be encouraging and helpful. I had to get my mindset in the right place but you all help me stay here. Thanks for everything.

  4. Well here's an issue I can talk with some authority here, as I have tried lots of online and offline programs, guides, diets, "magical treatments" etc. Pretty much everything except weight loss surgery.

    I have to say that the two things that helped me most are:

    1) Weight loss blogs, forums and generally the online community.

    2)Simple good ol' calorie counting, which is something everyone can do by themselves (with the help of the numerous online and offline calorie guides)

  5. I agree - no one makes you eat six Taco Bell tacos, but I've been there, done that. I like WW because I am competitive, and having to weigh in each week keeps me on track.

    That being said, while I am using WW, I view my eating as a lifestyle - I still eat wings, pizza and bagels, just not all in one day, every day!

    Happy Monday Debbi!


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