Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy Summer

It's amazing how I look forward to summer so much and then when I turn around, it seems to be practically half over.  It is really already mid July?  What happened? 

So I had a super, awesome spiritual weekend at a convention.  Loved every minute of it.  The kids were very good and we all got a lot out of it.  I loved how they are focusing on kids so much, there is a lot of temptation for kids so they need a lot of help.  The kids enjoyed the pool with their friends after at the hotel too.  Always a perk. 

Three days at a hotel also means a lot of restaurants.  Oh, I have brought dinners before to keep the expense down but it really is a pain to be microwaving and preparing 5 dinners after the convention in a hotel room.  And then having to make lunches for the next day.  So this year we just ate out.  Famous Daves on the evening before, hubs has been itching to go there for awhile so I caved and we went.  I watched portions there but I didn't really eat healthy at all.  Subway the next day, very good eating there.  Dominos pizza on Saturday night.  I ate a couple slices of cheese pizza and breadstick.  Could have been worse.  Yes, there were too many snacks but all in all, it went well as far as eating.  Came home to a 4 lb. gain of sodium but it's pretty much back down this morning.

This week has been good as far as eating, I started using My Fitness Pal again.  It's hard to enter stuff when you have recipes for specific things but I just kinda wing it and it's been keeping me more on track. I always know how many calories a recipe is but I don't always know how to enter it.  Hopefully I can stick with it and keep using it.  My ID is Badgirl31 if anyone cares to be "friends" on it.  I know several others are using it. 

How is your food tracking going??


  1. I just posted an update on my healthy blog and I've addedmyounas a friend on my fitness pal, you should have a request from me. My I'd in there is deniseonipad!

  2. Welcome back. I am glad you had a great time. We always need to once in a while. I love Myfitnesspal. Gracie

  3. I haven't used myfitnesspal, I'm still using sparkpeople and sparkrecipes. You do what works for you and if it's working, then keep it up. My food tracking has been okay. Thursday's kill me since I'm at the bakery ALL DAY LONG. I sample just about everything. But I'm getting better at having others taste it and let me know what's missing.


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