Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sadness and Despair

Our good friend Mir and her family are going through a horrible loss with the death of her nephew.  Let's keep her and her family in our prayers. 

A lot of us get sad, frustrated, despaired and depressed when we are unable to lose weight.  We "try so hard" but it just doesn't happen.  We have a choice.  No one pushing the food into our mouths.  We are in control of what we eat. It may not SEEM like we're in control, I GET that it is an addiction for some of us, I GET that we go to parties where there is no healthy food, I GET that we go on vacation and want to enjoy restaurants but overall, we still have a choice.  We control what we eat.  When you hear about someone so young dying and hear about the immense pain that a family is going through, somehow, the "problem" of how much food we stuff in our mouths just doesn't seem as important.

The ability to choose a variety of delicious foods is a gift from God.  He didn't have to create such variety.  We are privileged to have such an abundance of food here. Let's not abuse that privilege.

So while I pray for Mir and her family, I plan to thank God for the health and safety of my family and to thank Him for giving me a choice and thanks for wonderful variety he created for us.


  1. Yes, I know about Mir's nephew.

    It is all about perspective, in my opinion. So many, many people are not as fortunate as us. I, too, am blessed with a healthy life, so far, and are all the members of my family. There are so many people who do not even have enough to eat, even in this country. Our troubles diminish when we compare the to others.

  2. When I'm feeling down & out I always remember there are some that have it worse, some that are or have lost those they love, some that have no fight left... I am still fighting and sending blessings to Mir & her family:-)

  3. Praying for your friend and her family.

    I love your thoughts on the fact that eating is our choice. You are exactly right - no one is forcing me to overeat or indulge too often. It's my choice.

    Thank you! Let's keep up the good fight to be healthy and fully alive!!

  4. I was so sad to hear about Mir's nephew. Losing someone so young certainly put the important things in perspective. My prayers go out to Mir and her family.

    We'd be so much better off if we ate only those foods God provided for us instead of the man made processed crap. He provided us with everything we need. Hmmm...


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