Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 8

Howdy ho, how does the diet go?

I'm in a goofy mood tonight. I just got back from an 50th Anniversary party and had a bunch of fun. I have 8 minutes to get this post up before midnight!  Yea, out way too late. We don't do that too much and it was a lot of fun. 

I've been tracking my food all week using my new toy the fitbit.  You can go to for more information. I'll be doing a review and giving more information on it in another post. I want to "play" with it a bit more. It's been fun though.  Today, I didn't really track though.  At KFC for lunch, not a lot but what little I ate was not healthy and the stomach did NOT like the grease!  Then I ate BBQ food which wasn't too bad.  A lot to choose from and I did get pretty full, I didn't overdo it.  My one bad was the 240 calorie A&W I drank there.  Seriously?  How stupid was that.  I haven't drank a pop in like months and the first one I drink has 240 calories?  Stupid. 

I've also been bad at blogging.  I just haven't had the time, energy or even the desire.  My goal was to visit everyones blogs and keep the momentum going but I just haven't been doing well.  I love that there are a lot still linking up and everyone is sticking with it!!  So many of you have been finding some real success and I commend you for that.  Those who are still struggling, well, we just have to remember WHY we started this challenge in the first place, right?  To lose weight. So what's stopping us!  Start now!

Oops!  It's midnight, I'll get the linky up!  Let's here how you did!  Don't forget about my Vitalicious Vitatop Giveaway!!


  1. 240? GEESH!!! I didn't realize soda had that many calories. I don't drink it much, but the other day I was furniture shopping and the store offers all it's customers a frosty 8oz retro-style glass bottle of coke. It was 102 outside and I guzzled that thing down. Totally off-plan, but the heat was just too much.

    Nice to hear you've been doing so well this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I drink diet soda if I drink it at all. Still bad for you. Still makes me retain water, but at least it doesn't use up almost a meals worth of calories! Well, sounds like you had a good week otherwise. Hope you have another great one!

  3. Put the soda down, turn around, and walk slowly away. You know the routine.

  4. I LOVE my fitbit but it got lost and I still haven't found it. :(

  5. I'm trying something new this week, will hopefully blog about it soon.

  6. I like toys:-) It is harder to blog when it's nice & I'm on vacation which makes it harder but here I am:-) Hope all are doing well. I'm going to try to read more this week since I don't have to work!

  7. Yep. That's why I don't drink soda. Actually, I've never really liked it, even when I was a kid. Too sweet and too bubbly.

    You can do this, Debbi! There is no end, just pick up and keep going!!

    Big Hugs to you, my friend!

  8. Sorry for linking twice. I don't know why the first link has a secure link and won't link up.

    Thanks for running this challenge. I'm not commenting on too many blogs but the this challenge has really helped me.

    Soda is a waste, for sure. I won't drink it. But I do get off track when I'm out, if I don't look up calories on my smart phone before I eat.

    I'm going to check out fit bit now. I love toys.


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