Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I got a fitbit about a month or so ago. I really, really like it!  I'd been looking for a good pedometer.  I like tracking my food and weight online.  And I love to see how many calories I've burned.  Well, this has given me all that and more. 

It's super small so it fits in your pocket or clips to your bra without any problem.  It's easy and accurate!  It even tracks your sleep!  Seriously, you put it on a wristband overnight and it knows when you fall asleep, how many times you woke up and then gives you a number for how long you were actually asleep. It's kinda eerie but extremely accurate!  Plus, it's super comfortable to wear so it's not like hooking up to a huge contraption.

The only drawback is that it IS small and I'm always afraid I'm going to lose it. I have a good routine with it now so I'm not as fearful anymore.

It is a bit spendy, it's $99 on  I debated a long time over this, I don't have money to burn, that's for sure.  After reading several reviews and committing that I would actually USE it, I bought it. And I'm glad I did.  Now my husband wants one. He wants one more as a toy though than a fitness tool.  I thought about changing my profile to his stats but that would mess things up for me so phooey on him. I'm keeping it.  :-)

You are able to use it for social networking and you can find friends and compare numbers. I would LOVE this as I think it would keep me going stronger to know that someone else was watching my stats and knowing how many steps I take a day.  However, I have yet to find anyone who uses theirs regularly.  If you are using one, I would love to "friend" you on fitbit. :-)


  1. Hello my FitBit friend! Welcome to the FitBit world. I almost lost mine 3 or 4 times but luckily heard or saw it drop. I wear mine on my underwear band instead of my pants hoping it is more likely I will feel it if it falls off.

  2. I so need to invest in one of these....

  3. I love mine as well!! my first one broke down the center so be careful when you are putting in on your wristband or bra.... it only gives so much...

  4. I'll consider that, since I won one. HEH. Problem is I've never been consistent with clip on monitoring things--pedometers, heart rate, etc. I'm bad that way.

    But maybe this one will click.

    First of the month: WEIGHT UPDATE, lady! Update!

  5. Friend me!

    I love mine too. I thought I'd lost mine when I took a flight for my son's surgery and then when I changed out my purse I found it! :) I like the sleep function since sound sleep is so important to weight loss.

  6. Wow, that giveaway guy was on the ball. I got my FITBIT today. Not that I'm gonna sit and figure it out today. Maybe tomorrow.

    I hope it's easy to set up. :D

    Hey, Sept 2, already. UPDATE the WEIGHT on the sidebar. Accountability, woman!

  7. Still no update, huh? ;) I was just echoing Princess to give you a hard time, but really I stopped by to say I am looking forward to being in the Christmas dress challenge with you. Saw you on the blog roll today, was going through making sure I'm following everyone etc.. Now to get off your page with all the delicious pics..... Darn you! :)

  8. That sounds very interesting. Never heard of it before. I'll have to take a look at the website. Thanks for sharing and look forward to doing the challenge with you :)

  9. You doing ok? Havent heard from you in a few days!!

  10. I am glad to read this review. I have wanted one of these, but I just haven't been able to justify the cost. I need to rethink it now.

  11. I just bought a calorie burner counter thingy off ebay from a friend who recommended it. It was only $10! We'll see if it really works. She said she burnt 749 calories doing one session of Zumba!!!

  12. You on track?
    Been awhile.
    I know I haven't posted in about the same amount of time but I'm just super busy!
    Here's to hoping you're just super busy too! :)


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