Sunday, October 23, 2011

Challenge Week 6

I feel like I'm on a treadmill.  Working hard, thinking about what I am eating constantly, yet...going no where.  The scale yesterday did read a 1 lb. loss but I then had a horrible weekend and ate way too much. 

We spent yesterday evening at the Emergency Room with my daughter. We were dancing to Just Dance and she cracked her knee and it made a horrible crunching sound and she couldnt' move. We thought it was dislocated but it turns out that it is just a bad sprain.  She has a knee brace and some crutches and will obviously be laying off the dancing for awhile. 

We left around dinner time and by the time we got out we were starving and went to Subway. I got a sandwich. With bread. Wheat bread.  So stupid.  I could totally feel it right away and have been paying for it all day today as well.  Bad choice.


Weight:  One pound loss. I'm still eating way too much and just seem to be losing control.  Sometimes I just don't CARE which is really stupid.

Exercise:  We had an easy recovery week for running which wasn't the best for me mentally.  I started my week of running tonight and it was hard to get motivated after having an easy week.  I still was able to finish the scheduled run today and feel confident about the next jump in running time.  I did amp up the weights this week with the lower running schedule.  Plus, a whole lot of Wii Just Dance. 

Water:  So-so. I bombed this weekend, especially today.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I'm actually THIRSTY now, which means I'm dehydrated probably.  Off to bed though so I'll drink a ton tomorrow.

Book:  I didn't do a lot of reading this week. Actually, I did a ton of reading, just not the reading that I want to do. I've been reading The Hobbit with my two older kids and Robinson Crusoe with my baby.  (he's 9, not really a baby, but he's MY baby). 


  1. Figure it out. Soon. It sounds like you're in a rut and that's not a fun place to be - the sooner you escape it and get back into the determinded mindset, the better. As if I have to tell you that.... Be strong!

  2. A pound loss is great. Just get your eating under control but dang that is hard. I know.
    Keep trying Debbi. You can do this.
    Have a great week. Blessings my friend.

  3. you will achieve your goal and i know it does seem harder to keep working out and eating right when everyone is eating the foods you really want. i know can reach your goal and look great in your christmas dress;)

  4. Food is food, and you need it to survive. Next time you go to Subway, get a salad. Yes, they have them. OR dump the sandwich fillings out on the wrapper, toss the bread and eat with a fork. Yes, they have forks at Subway, too.

    You can get your head back into this game, Missus Debbi - you CAN!

  5. You can do this, it just takes work & you have to get in that kind frame & actually care. You are worth it, your family is worth it & your health is worth it:-)


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