Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday ~ October 20, 2011

I think I made a gluten faux pas yesterday.  First, I ate a bite of one of the kids' waffles.  We were teasing her about taking a bite of her food and I snagged a piece before I even thought of it.  I also let the kids put chocolate chips on their waffles (bad mommy) and I ate a couple of handfuls.  Small handfuls but probably about 1/4 cup so about 280 calories. Yikes.

Okay, here is my problem. The bite of waffle and the chocolate chips were in the same 1/2 hour.  Almost immediately I felt the effects of the gluten in the waffle.  Does anyone know if Hershey's Chocolate Chips have gluten?  The ingredients say, "Natural Flavors" and I've been told to stay away from things that say that.  I looked online but there doesn't seem to be any concrete evidence either way.  I know, gluten or no gluten, I need to stay away from the stupid chocolate chips but really? A small bite of waffle and some gluten dust on CChips does THIS to me? I'm gassy and hurting like crazy.  I know, TMI.  It's really annoying though. 

I had no interest in tacos or chipotle chicken salad with an upset stomach so I ended up eating pecans and going to bed early.

Wednesdays Results:
Omelette with Southwestern Rice - 250
Yogurt - 80
Asian Broccoli Slaw - 375
Apple - 100
Chocolate Chips - 280
Pecans - 400
Total = 1485

Thursday Plan -
Omelette with Southwestern Rice - 250
Yogurt - 80
Tacos - 350
Apple - 100
Vegetable Soup = 200
Salad - 125
Smoothie - 150
Total - 1255

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  1. Gluten in chocolate chips sounds odd... but of course, this is the processed food industry we're talking about. Ugh.


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