Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 5 ~ Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/5/12

I love snacking.  Snacking is probably one of the most significant reasons I weigh as much as I do.  I love nibbling and tasting all day. 

What I love about this Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge is that I get to snack. I don't have to wait a long time inbetween for me to get my snack.  The difference is that I'm trying to choose healthy snacks.  Snacks that will satisfy and not leave me desperately wanting more.  Ahem, granola bars.  I love granola bars but they just leave me wanting more.  Way too addictive, even if they are healthy. 

Today I did good. I ate carrots and pea pods for a snack.  The kids all love carrots here so I just leave a plate on the counter for everyone to much on.  It's so much better than them asking for crackers all the time.  The kids aren't big fans of pea pods, just me and my daughter love them.  They have an awesome crunch which totally helps with the munchies!  Then I grabbed a handful of blueberries on my way to bed. They were delicious!

Breakfast - Body by Vi Shake with Pistachio pudding mix.  (major yum!)
Snack - Yogurt, carrots
Lunch - Body by Vi Shake with cocoa powder and PB2
Snack - Pea Pods
Dinner - Sweet Potatoes and BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
Snack - About a dozen blueberries

This week I'm submitting to What I Ate Wednesday at Peas and Crayons.  This months theme is sensible snacking and I am determined to make the most of my snacks and make them good ones!

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  1. Very well done, you were so healthy today! I'm making a baby steps change since I'm not motivated to actually make major changes yet: I cut out sugar for the umpteenth time. I have only had it once in the last four days, which is a huge deal for me. Woop! :)


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