Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from vacation and scared of the scale!

Back from vacation!  Whew! It's always nice to go but it's also nice to get back.  We actually came back a day early.  We were done.  We had enough days swimming at the waterparks, sunning ourselves, eating and doing lots of activities. 

Notice I mentioned eating.  Yes, we ate. A lot.  It wasn't pretty. 

I did make some good choices.  MUCH better choices than I would have a couple of years back.  I am mad because I COULD have made SOOOO many better choices than I did.  It just seemed to get worse as the days went by. I started good and then it progressively just got worse.  Grrr.  I thought of taking pictures but I didn't want any reminders of the junk. I really only want to take pictures of the stuff I am proud of. 

Breakfast was good.  Oatmeal and fruit. Lunch was good.  Sandwich and fruit. Snacks and dinner were horrible.  Wayyyyyyyy too many snacks and for the most part they weren't healthy. 

That is another reason I am totally glad we came back a day early. I am determined to start back up tomorrow planning my meals and counting the calories. 

I'm not planning to weigh in until Wednesday.  That gives me PLENTY of time to shape up and get some good numbers.  I ate so much junk this week that if I just break even by Wednesday, I will consider that a success. 

Still, I'm scared of the scale. 


  1. Hey Debbi,

    I'm always afraid of stepping on the scale, too, after a dinner out or eating at a friend's house, or (yikes!) vacation. I'm better staying in my own surroundings with the food I know I can trust.

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I took a look at your recipes and am going to try the oatmeal apple bake thingy - it looks delicious!

  2. Welcome back. Vacations are always hard on the healthy eating front. I'm sure you'll feel better and less afraid of the scale after a few days. Good luck!

  3. hoping it is good for you girlfriend


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