Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have mixed feelings about vacation.  On the one hand. I'M ON VACATION!!  WOO-HOO!!  On the other hand. I'm on vacation?  What am I going to eat??!!

Typically, vacation means eating out.  A lot.  We cut out eating out a couple of years back.  We don't do it often anymore at all.  But for the next 6 days, I'll be 4 hours from home in Wisconsin Dells, living in a hotel. 

I do well with dieting when I am in my own environment. Bring me somewhere else and I fall apart.  Though I'm getting better.  Today the vacation unofficially started.  We went to a buffet for dinner. Yup. A buffet.  Sigh. 

I did fairly well, I made good choices. I skipped the pop and skipped the dessert bar entirely.  I avoided breads and things that were obviously swimming in grease and butter.  But I did eat way too much.  I really don't even know how to count how many calories I consumed.  But I know that the "old me" would have easily consumed 1000 + more calories by drinking pop, eating dessert and stuffing myself beyond belief.  So I kept my head. I'm happy about that. 

Then I came home and at a piece of White Chocolate Craisin Almond Amish Bread that I made today. Really??  So not necessary. It wasn't like I was even hungry! My mouth just wanted it.  Sigh. I gave away one loaf and I'm leaving what's left here with my brother.

But then there is the next 6 days. I won't be weighing in on Wednesday because I'll be in Wisconsin Dells. We'll be living in a hotel and soaking in the sun at the waterparks.  The weather isn't supposed to be HOT but nice enough. I hope.  So we're going to go to a lot of restaurants. I'm really going to try to stay focused and make good choices.  I packed better things to eat than what I usually bring.  I'm eating oatmeal for breakfast, no donuts or pastry's.  I have healthy snacks, not ding dongs and twinkies.  I have individual packs of chips, not big bags that I can't stop sticking my hand into.  If I can just make good choices at the restaurants, I'll be good. I'm certainly not going to LOSE weight this week but if I can keep from gaining then I will totally consider it a success. 

Talk to you all on Friday night and I'll give you the update!


  1. Debbi, it sound like you have a GREAT plan for your vacation eating! One thing I was doing when I was really tryin to lose weight a few years go and plan on doing from now on again is this- if me and my hubby go out to dinner we split it in half. I don't care what it is , just split it. some restaurants charge for that . But it's worth it. The meal is still cheaper and you only eat what you get. I have never ever left the restaurant hungry and it works out wonderfully.
    I know! The fat is still in the photo! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Enjoy your time in the Dells. Nice place to go for a walk. I know you can do well. Enjoy

    Oops I ate the cookie

  3. i love the Dells!!! its so nice over there!
    i like the vacation plan, it sounds like a good one! unless you are going hiking the entire appliachian (spelling?! lol) trail i dont think we can ever expect to lose weight while on vacay.. best thing to do is just to create a good plan, stick to it as best you can and allow for some treats and dont beat yourself up over it!
    walking around the Dells might be a good workout.. its huge! ;)

  4. It's great being able to go on vacation and not have to track foods, etc., but instead just make a point of being aware of what you eat. The way I am now is so different than the way I was a year ago. Good luck on your vacation!

    BTW, thank you for your comment on my blog! It's so nice to get support, and encouragement for a big loss!


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