Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank You!

I read a lot of weight loss blogs.  They all inspire me. The one that has been particularly inspiring lately is Anti-Jared.  He is posting to ME. He is telling ME that this is not an impossible journey. He is wants me to remember that "there will be good days and bad days but ...the good days can overpower the bad days".

I enjoy cheering people on during their weigh loss struggles because to give THEM motivation, I am giving MYSELF motivation.  All the advice and thoughts I give to them - I need that same advice and motivation.  So in telling them my thoughts, I feel like I am reaffirming my goals and what I need to accomplish to succeed. 

It's working. I have been successful. 

Sure there have been those good days and the bad days and even the really bad days. But the good days HAVE overpowered the bad days. 

I have lost 91 lbs. so far.  I have that much more to lose.

I can do it on my own. However, having the help of fellow bloggers who share the same struggles as me is comforting.  Not that I enjoy other people struggling.  But it helps me realize I'm not alone.  So thank you weight loss bloggers for helping me succeed. For inspiring me.  For writing for me.

Now, on to today.  I ate well.  I had more cake. It was okay. I came in at about 1400 calories.  And I'm not hungry, that's good.


  1. precisely what the blogworld rocks.

    and the antijared

    we love the antijared


  2. I love Tony's blog too. He doesn't surgarcoat anything. Congrats on all you've accomplished so far. You're doing great. Keep up the good work.

  3. nice!!! i like the Anti-Jared too!!! so cool!

    wow, thats awesome you've done sooooo great so far! you will keep losing for sure, you have the tools for success- plus all of us to help too ; )

  4. 91 POUNDS!!! HOT DAMN!! YOU GO WOMAN! I am in awe. That is so great, you came this far you will get there. Keep it up.


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