Thursday, June 3, 2010

Packed with Protein

I ate leftovers from last night for lunch and for dinner. We had lentil sloppy joes and a quinoa apple almond salad.  Last night I left the table super full. Today, they did the same, they completely satisfied me so I didn't want more and I didn't feel the need to snack.  I'm really learning that foods high in protein and fiber REALLY work with keeping me full.  This is SO important!  So I'm really trying to keep on track for eating the right things so I can stay good with calories yet NOT be hungry. 

For breakfast, I've been having an egg beater sandwich of some sort. This week, I am putting my egg beaters and slice of ham on a Sara Lee Whole Wheat Bagel for 130 calories. It has a lot of protein and fiber and I can tell that it is keeping me full longer than when I put the egg and ham on a regular english muffin.  Big difference.  My favorite for breakfast muffins are the bagel thins.  They taste super awesome!

I came in just over 1300 calories today.  That was with a spoonful of chocolate ice cream and about 6 McDonalds french fries.  I caved and let the husband bring home nuggets and fries for the kids as I was having leftovers.  I had planned a 100 calorie snack this evening but I wasn't hungry and didn't need it.  Yea!  This feels good, I so want to keep this up!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my space! I'm going to add both your blogs to my google reader!

  2. hi debbie! nice to "meet" you! congrats on joining in the challenge!! : )
    i love the way that dinner sounds! so healthy!!


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