Saturday, June 19, 2010

Put The Chips Back!

Today was a disappointing day.  Several personal issues came up that were disturbing and I'm ending the day a little bit sad.

I wanted to eat. 

I still want to eat.

Chips are pretty much a taboo in the house because they are my favorite. My biggest weakness.  We still have a few bags left from vacation that I threw in the cupboard. 

I grabbed a pack of Doritos. I wasn't hungry. But I wanted to eat them.  I knew that eating them would not stop the sadness but I just wanted a moment of comfort.  That's all it would have taken for me to eat them.  A moment. 

I saw that they were 260 calories for the bag.  I really didn't want to add 260 calories to my total for the day. 

I put the chips back. Sigh.  There are going to be other not-so-good days but I have to "keep putting the chips back" and not letting food be my comfort. 

I ate about 1500 calories today.  I am so glad I put the chips back.


  1. Amen! It will get easier. You will be able to find alternative ways to deal with the emotions instead of eating. I'm so proud of you. :)

  2. I can so relate to this. The junk food usually doesn't bother me over there behind the door of the pantry, but Husband keeps a bag of Cheetos in there. Sometimes I can hear them calling me.

    Good job with walking away from the chips!

  3. WOO HOO! I love when I have those NSV against food. I was offered cake at work the other night. I took the cake and gave it to my one of the kids that I know who comes into work.

  4. chips are a huge weakness of mine. i love all kinds and all flavors. i try to stick to baked chips or sunchips to ease my guilt a little. and i've just started getting stacy's chips to eat with hummus. has some chip options they recommend.
    stay strong!


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