Friday, June 18, 2010

Stay Focused. Always.

I didn't do as well as I'd hoped today.  It was my own fault. I ate and then I calculated. Wrong way to do it.  I need to plan, calculate and THEN eat.  THAT is what works for me.  I didn't plan my snacks accordingly and I munched. Not a lot but I didn't stay focused. 

Grabbing a pretzel here and there isn't going to make a huge bit of difference on the calorie count at the end of the day.  BUT, what is does, is it gives me silent permission to do it again. It's like, "If I eat a pretzel in the morning, then it's okay to have a couple in the afternoon".  Then it gets into, "If I munched on just a few yesterday, I can have a few today."  Pretty soon, I'm munching throughout the day and I've lost my focus. 

What works for me is to plan ahead.  Plan to eat 10 pretzels at 2:00, that's okay. But I can't just munch.  I can't. I won't succeed.

I came in at about 1800 calories for the day.  I ate 2 cookies that totally put me over the top. Granted, they were whole wheat, packed with fiber, healthy-ish cookies but still.  I didn't need them. I especially didn't eat the last one I just ate.  I ate it because it was just there.  Grrrr.  I should have written this post before the cookie!! 

Tomorrow I will plan. Tomorrow I will keep my focus.  I have to. 


  1. I had a horrible day today too. Everything went wrong. I woke up late for a vet appointment for my cat, ran out the door without breakfast or even a healthy snack and then spent a traumatizing hour at the vet where I was slapped with a $1500 estimate on dental cleaning for my poor 4 year old kitten. I sat on the phone from 1030am to 330pm trying to verify all of the crap my vet told me and find another vet to do the dental work (which should have been around $200!) and blah blah blah. I spent $250 I didn't have on a regular check up, shots and a blood panel today... It was just terrible and the thought of coming up with $1500 boggles my mind. I ate ALL DAY today, Cap'n crunch, cheerios, I even made donuts covered in sugar made from crescent roll dough... It was just awful.

    I hope I can be like you tomorrow and stay focused! :(

  2. Debbi, you're exactly right - planning is the key. I'm a pretzel eater, too. So I count them out, put them in a Ziploc, and know that that's ALL I can have. And then sometimes that one portion lasts me 2 days (or 2 snacks). And I have been craving oatmeal raisin cookies. Healthy, yes, but still too many calories. I hope I get over this.

    Stay focused!

  3. today is a new day! happy saturday


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