Sunday, July 25, 2010

BacK : Day One Again?


The busy week is over.  Can I breathe yet?  Maybe once I get through the thousands of emails and wash the 40 loads of laundry and get everything unpacked.  Then I can breathe. 

I am so tired.

I so meant to go to bed 1/2 hour ago.  I wanted to post though. 

I ate a lot this weekend. And ended the weekend by bringing home pizza and eating too much of it.  So, yet again. Tomorrow is day one.  I am hoping to wake up refreshed and ready to re-start my goals. I really have no more excuses. I am sure I will try to find some.  But know, that I really have no valid excuses. The calendar is pretty much clear for August.  I didn't bring home too many snacks from vacation so all should be good. 

Time will tell.  And so will the scale. 


  1. it should be all good
    it will be all good
    its a NEW DAY NEW WEEK!
    now, are we allowed to click SAVE on our masses of emails and just read em later?
    way later?
    when we get all else in life wrangled?

    just let me know :)


  2. Yea for do-overs! :) I love starting over fresh and anew--I hope it lifts your spirit.


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